Horror Stories

ALABAMBA THE BEAUTIFUL - Those who believe they are free do not understand that with the current rogue [Gestapo] American government in place, they could be next to be behind bars.
ARTICLE: PLANNED MURDER, ETC., IN ALABAMBA (FROM EUROPE) - The people of Alabama, U.S.A., are screaming out for justice and so far, no one is listening. The Patrick Crusade calls on Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, His Holiness - The Pope, and all foreign Human Rights Organizations for action before more people are slaughtered, either by electric chair, brutality, abandonment, or other gross human rights violations such as we are seeing in the State of Alabama. The people screaming are prisoners and families of prisoners who are systematically being brutalized.
RAYELAN ALLAN - California - May 22, 2005 - The amazing life of Rayelan Allan reads like a spy novel but every word is true. Today, I have decided to add Rayelan's story to the PC website because it needs to be known even more widely than it already is, and because of the respect I have for this angel of a person who fought to keep her husband from being murdered in prison. My husband, Patrick Swiney, and I have known Rayelan for many years. She is the most remarkable woman I have ever known in this lifetime. -- Sherry Swiney
DIESEL THERAPY - CONGRESSMAN HANSEN, IDAHO - After four years of imprisonment, after ten years of persecution, after being ruined professionally and financially and after being permanently damaged physically, in December, 1995, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals vacated Hansen's sentence for bank fraud because the U.S. Supreme Court had ruled on May 15, 1995, that Hansen's previous conviction as a member of Congress had been overturned.
CONGRESSMAN HANSEN - IDAHO - If They Can Do It To A Congressman, can they do it to you?
DARK & EVIL WORLD - Despite their best efforts we WILL continue to report on the crimes and abuses of the Arkansas Department of Correction until they are STOPPED once and for all. The ADC can no longer keep their secrets as they have in the past. No more crimes, abuses, brutality or death will go unreported to the world. No more bodies can be buried in the fields in secret. We are here, throwing the light of truth on the actions of the ADC and we are not going away. Not ever.
DENDRON - Since 1990 Support Coalition has successfully broken the silence about psychiatry's forced human rights violations... without losing our sense of humor. We say "Heal Normality, Naturally," Resist forced psychiatric drugging! Zap back at forced electroshock! Support Coalition promotes humane, empowering alternatives through an independent non-profit federation of more than 70 grassroots groups in 11 countries. Dendron is a big supporter of Daisy Jane Benson, founder of Women Convicted by Drugging.
DONALD C. JOHNSON GOES ON HUNGER STRIKE - A Letter from prisoner in Plelican Bay's SHU and what happened to him after a legal visit on 04/19/01 - submitted by Laura laura909@earthlink.net
FATHER SAYS INADEQUATE CARE IN JAIL KILLED HIS DAUGHTER - May 5, 2001VIRGINIA BEACH -- On April 15, John E. Barkley frantically faxed city jail officials, asking that medical care be provided for his inmate daughter, Kathy S. Kearns. When he got no satisfactory response from Sheriff Paul J. Lanteigne and his deputies, Barkley faxed them again. Then again. And again. But he said his daughter failed to get necessary medical attention. By April 26 -- 10 days before her scheduled release -- Kearns was dead.
HARLOD "STANLEY" KING - Murdered by Arkansas DOC:On Tuesday, May 1, 2001 while some of Stanley's brothers and sisters were en route to AR to claim his body or attend his funeral, they received the horrifying news that their mother had died.

Although Dovie had been in poor health for quite a long time, her family and I are conviced that her death was hastened by the suffering she endured, knowing that her son was being abused and medically neglected in the ADC, and that the coup de gras was her unbearable grief from his agonizing and inhumane death. The tragedy inflicted on this innocent family is worthy of the Greek Gods, and is the work of the Arkansas Department of Correction.
HARRIE TIMMERMAN'S PICTURE SITE - An investigation into psychiatric abuse in mental hospitals across Eastern Europe. Warning: Contains some disturbing photos.
HEA;TH CARE BEHIND BARS: - These people were arrested for crimes ranging from blocking a sidewalk to kidnapping. While locked up, private companies took care of their health. Now they're dead. When private companies take over health units in jails and prisons, they must balance two goals: making money and meeting medical needs. St. Louis-based Correctional Medical Services leads this expanding industry. The industry tries to keep a low profile, but a five-month investigation by the Post-Dispatch found a disturbing pattern of deaths and untreated illnesses behind bars. Diseases don't respect bars. Each year in the United States, 12 million inmates return to society, bringing with them a broad range of diseases that threaten public health. Excellent Study from the St. Louis Post Dispatch with cases from many states. The shoddy quality of Andrea's health care affirms the accuracy of the allegations.
MURDER AT PARCHMAN PRISON - MISSISSIPPI - Caution! contains photos of the murder victims. You must be over 18 to view these photographs.
NED McPEEK - ARIZONA - Ned and his crippled, infected, atrophied, bag of bones body, have been imprisoned in the Arizona state prison medical ward since 1998. He has 5 years to go. His charge? Possession of marijuana. Ned is severely disabled. He can't feel a thing from his neck down, quadriplegic, like that actor, Christopher Reeve. Ned didn't associate weed with crime. He associated weed with a temporary respite from just one of the many pitfalls of having a severed spinal cord.
PRISON MURDER - CRIMES OF AMERICA'S PRISON SYSTEM - On this site you will find cases of people who have been murdered in prisons all across America. In some cases the prison staff are the murderers, either through direct criminal acts or medical neglect, and in some cases the murders were committed by other prisoners. In any circumstances, the PRISON STAFFS are directly responsible for these crimes. They either caused them by direct criminal acts of their own, or permitted them to occur. That's why they ALWAYS do their best to cover up what REALLY happened to a murdered prisoner. America's prisons are guilty of hiring sadistic, brutish and racist monsters and giving them free rein to torture and murder prisoners and to encourage prisoners to beat, rape and murder other prisoners when they're too cowardly do it themselves.
RAPED AND THEN PUNISHED BY GUARDS FOR NOT WANTING TO GO BACK FOR MORE! Only in American Prisons do we see these atrocities.
SHERLIY DICKS & the JEFF DICKS MEMORIAL PAGE - Her son just had his life ended by the American justice system. He finished his last painful days in one of America's prisons, neglected by prison doctors who took an oath, just like any of the honorable doctors available to citizens in the United States, to DO NO HARM.
STUART ROMERANZ - Florida - Beaten at Union C1
JUSTICE FOR WOODY - On December 2, 2001, Woody suffered a terrible injustice. We, the friends of Woody seek justice. We seek justice under the law so that those responsible will be held accountable. And we seek justice in the telling of the truth about the life and work of Woody, who touched so many with his kindness.