In the still of the night
In the darkest corner of your soul
In that little space inside
where you dare not enter
You can hear it

The howling of the Wolf
Penetrating yet softly
the Wolf howls

Carried by the wind it reaches you
it haunts you

It tells the story of the lonely one
It tells the story of the strong one
It tells the story of a Wolf
in need of freedom

And when you really listen
listen for the howling
Your spirit changes
You're drawn
drawn into the wolfs reality
A wolf in captivity


But you can feel hope
You can feel love
You can feel strength
And you can SEE..... A WARRIOR

Listen for the Wolf
Listen for Patrick
Listen for the howling
Both are one

For this is the miracle
and the Great Mystery
It's the consciousness of the


Vivi Ann Cheyenne Hanssen - Norway <> Copyright June 25, 2001