Individual/isolated cases of injustice or a suppressed crime wave?

Sunday, January 06, 2002 2:13 AM

In reading of so many, many cases of blatant injustice that I have in the newspapers, the mailing groups and personal experience, I've come to realize that this is not a slight or minimal problem facing America today.These are not isolated incidences! They're a suppressed "Crime Wave!"

As I watch the heads on TV talk their talk of ethics in Journalism, I see their lips move, but that is all I see! I have actually noticed some very frightening trends in the news today! It seems that in years gone by the incidences of injustice were of concern and were brought forth to the public awareness as part of what used to be common journalistic integrity! Stories of abusive or corrupt government would be the forefront of public awareness! That's right, the media was the "Banner Carrier of American Liberty" to the people in those days of yesteryear!

However, over the years I've not only seen but experienced an obvious reversal of this role! I've both seen and experienced a very staightforward denial of responsibility to bring certain politically incorrect but very important government deeds or trends forward to the public with a meaningful effort. There can be no more repudiation of this as truth anymore! It's very clear!

As proof of this let me point out some of the one sided media response and actual participation in the propagation of "The War on Crime!" When a mother's son was killed by a drunk driver, the media was there. Actually it was almost a media frenzy! When the "Drug War" started the media's efforts were obviously 100% for the promotion of the ideals of this "War" as well! Domestic vilolence was next! We are talking a national media collective effort to propagate this too! The list goes on and on! But this so coined "Zero Tolerence War" seemingly is a one sided war fought on only selected and orchestrated fronts!

I've been keeping track of the media respose to injustices over a good number of recent years! For example:

When Rodney King was beaten the media picked up on it right away! Then there was a riot, a city under seige! When the black motorcyclist was killed in Miami the media was whole-heartedly there! Then there was a riot yet again! When that young foreign exchange student in New York was shot 41 times, while standing in his doorway, the media was there also! I think New York got lucky on that and there was no riot that ensued!

What wasn't there, however, was judicial penalization (Justice served) for the perpetrators or families of the victims in each of these instances! People are noticing this! How many cities under the seige of a riot do we need to face to gain acknowedgement of this shocking pattern? Should your stores and homes have to be looted and burned all for Immunity from criminal prosecution? In one fashion or another all of the officers involved were afforded a degree of Immunity for their horrendous actions! Words like "actors under color of law," "qualified Immunity" and "Minstrel duties" fruadulently came into play to justify each instance! These words do not apply to anyone else in America in a court of law? How can they apply to the selected few, if in America we have equal protection of the law?

Now I'm not sure whether or not the media is aware of this cancerous pattern and just can't bring themselves to even cover these abuses anymore, because even they know that the Judiciary is out of control! Or maybe, as many people are saying, the news today has become "orchestrated" thru the deliberate downplaying and outright media suppression of these so called, "isolated incidences!"

What ever the case may be, I know of a number of stories that should most definately have had national coverage, but didn't! I know of a very long list! It's almost as if the more frequently these things happen the more they're downplayed! But I'll just write about two! One story was an attempted drug bust gone totally wrong! Modesto, California, I think it was Oct. 2000! The police kicked in the door of a couple suspected of selling "the all evil" marijuana! As the door was broken in, this couple's 11 year old child ran accross the room, out of fear at the sight of thugs dressed in Black with ski maskes on! His fear was ended abruptly, however, when he took a shotgun blast to the back, nearly cutting him in half! Of course it was declared a totally accidental shooting! A "whoops," some media silence and a cash award to the grieving family is all we get, yet again?  The 18 1/2 year swat team veteran's gun accidentally went off during this raid! After 18 1/2 years, one would very reasonably think an officer would have learned how to keep his gun from accidentally going off! What do you mean you never heard about this in the news?

In trying to follow up on this story on my own, I was intentionally cut off at the pass! I lost the e-mail link to this story but for more information about it you can contact:

Bee staff writer Ty Phillips
can be reached at 578-2331. (Modesto, California are code)
Bee staff writer Crystal Carreon contributed to this report. She can be reached at 578-2347.

Even more recently the second downplayed news event that I'd like you to know about, took place on Sept 3rd and 4th, 2001, two men were shot at their home in the woods at The Rainbow Farm Campground! The Rainbow Farm, for those of you who don't know, was a place that peace loving hippie types from across the country would meet and yes, sometimes they would smoke pot! Heaven
forbid! Which I don't really think heaven actually does forbid!

Little did "Grover" Tom Crosslin realize that on the morning of Sept. 3rd 2001 50+ armed Law Enforcement agents were to come to his home and in a stand off, end his life! How dare this grown man smoke pot in the woods on his own property with his fully grown adult friends! Even more shockingly-- Little did his roomate Rolland Rohm know that the following day the troops would be back to end Rollands life as well!

Maybe Tom and Rolland should have "complied" or at least went to re-education camps! Maybe it's very ridged dicipline that Americans need nowadays! Or maybe it shouldn't have happened at all!

Apparently the news media, the government or the people learned nothing from Ruby Ridge, Waco or Wounded Knee except how to keep the masses unaware that it is still going on! What are we as citizens supposed to believe? Are we supposed to start becoming conditioned to this kind of conduct from our "Peace Officers"... I mean "Enforcement Officers?" My how things have changed!

Well, it might be re-education camps that are in store for Rolland's son Robert age 13! His paternal Grandmother was recently denied even visitation rights and will almost certainly lose the custody battle with the state! What right does the state have to custody over the paternal grandmother of Robert Rohm? What right do they have to deny visitation from his grandmother! Absolutely none! And it doesn't take a Rocket Scientist or Law "Scholar" to figure it out! For more info on this story that, ssshhh!
the news doesn't talk about go to:

Why would this be of national news? Well for one reason 1000's of friends of the Rainbow Farm loaded up and started heading to Michigan. The town's hotels filled up! Etc, Etc, Etc! I have a feeling the local authorities were quite a bit nervous for a while!

Are the police going to be cleared of wrong doing? You betcha!
Who will ultimately clear them? A Judge!

Why haven't most people heard of this? Why does it seem that suddenly alarming stories of this nature are frequently unknown to the masses? Is it for our own good?

Well I guess your seeing my point here!

I can go on and on telling of Judicial Injustices that have nothing at all to do with Unjustified Homocide. But the holidays just ended and they were very empty for many with the loss of not having their friends and familiy with them! This includes the 2 1/2 million Americans in prison here in the "Land of the Free!" While thinking of all of them, I wrote this!

These are not isolated incidences anymore! There are so many instances of this that Injustice from Justice has become a "Crime Wave" in itself! We as citizens need the support of the media to fight this part of the "War on Crime" as they've supported all the other efforts to clean up Crime on the Bluecollar fronts! This "Crime Wave" is a very, very serious problem also!

Bob Striffler

Sharng by: Brenda Pitts Bennett