May 6, 1997

Honorable John Rochester
P.O. Box 40
Ashland, AL 36251

Dear Judge Rochester:

    It may seem strange to you, a prisoner writing, but I have thought about this extensively, and I deeply feel a moral self-imposed “duty” to write.I am certain as I stumble for words in continuing this letter, that you shall see where I feel it my duty to write.You see, oddly enough, I have a great respect for you.In spite of the fact that we disagree greatly on Law — Constitutional issues, Human Rights, and our perceptions of “Justice,” I still maintain a high respect for you, your knowledge and the great power that is entrusted to you.

    I know for certain that you know fully that I am not guilty of Capital Murder.This! you “know” beyond a shadow of any doubt. In your heart you know; in your head you know, and from the depths of your soul — you know for an absolute certainty that I am in no way guilty of capital murder.“Maybe?” something less — but never murder.

    The past eight (8) years of prison have been unusually harsh and cruel to me.I have suffered three (3) heart attacks, and have developed inflammatory spinal arthritis which is “extremely” painful at times.Medical help is an absolute joke.But throughout all of this extreme pain and suffering and the uncertainty of knowing if tomorrow will even come, I most proudly and most humbly say to you that I “never” once lost Faith.I continually pray that my breath escapes this old worn out body before my Faith does.

    When I was sixteen years old, a police officer with a badge and a gun, stopped me in my Dad’s car and accused me of reckless driving and speeding.I was completely innocent.He did not arrest me, but he cursed me and spoke to me like a dog.I do not mind admitting that I went home and cried like a baby because of the mistreatment and injustice that officer gave me.This is when I promised myself and my Creator that I would become a Police Officer and devote the rest of my life to fighting injustice.

    Tonight, I can stand before my God and let Him search my heart, mind and soul for any injustice from these hands.Judge Rochester, I know what the Creator’s answer shall be — one day, you shall know too.

    I harbor absolutely no animosity in my heart for the extreme injustice I suffer.It causes me unbelievable pain, yet I endure the yoke.Sometimes I even amaze myself, then I realize the strength is not mine.I bear no animosity toward the persecutors.I have only pity for their evil ways.Even in this septic tank, I would “never” choose to trade places with them.For those who persecute, shall themselves be persecuted to a far greater extent because they have failed their “duty” to protect others from such evil as they themselves preserve.I contend that, from the Almighty, punishment will first take place on the ones they love the dearest, and then - and only then - will the Almighty turn His wrath upon the evil ones themselves.“Sins of the Father”:to us mortals, this is impossible to understand, yet vigilance will soon show this as absolute Truth.

    Even in this endless torment, I am so happy to inform you that a shining light has entered my soul.I am compelled to admit that it is a feeling of unworthiness as it is so, so wonderful:A most precious Lady, truly a God-send.I met this Lady through correspondence.She was a Civil Engineer working in Sandpoint, Idaho.I could never describe in words or writing, the spirituality between the two of “US” from the very beginning.However, we fell deeply in love through our letters, and on August 19, 1996 we married.She now lives in Montgomery, Alabama, to be near me and visits me weekly.I would absolutely love for you to meet her, but I’m certain you would look at this as improper.Knowing what I know now, if completely necessary, I would willingly come to this septic tank if this was the only way of meeting my soul-mate.I seriously doubt you could understand such immense feelings of love — few could possibly understand.My wife’s name is Sherry and we are the same age:52.Together, we may never find justice — but “We” shall forever seek.

    What leads me to my self-imposed duty to write to you is the following:In all seriousness, I am claiming to be a “Political Prisoner” and of course, the Political Persecution would begin in the Court of Origin.It actually begins prior to your court, the trial court, but many of our claims will involve the trial court.

    You may be completely and totally unaware, but to “US”, and many, many others, it is most obvious that not only did Political Persecution take place, but it was apparently a well-planned and carefully executed conspiracy to persecute.I am very sorry, Judge Rochester, but this is the absolute Truth.I “know” that much of this, you had no way of knowing — this, I know.But I also know that parts were obvious in your trial court.The most obvious was the altered autopsy procedures that would knowingly suppress exculpatory evidence — and at the same time, completely destroy this evidence forever.A vaginal swab is the most basic of procedures.I’ve learned this to be a nation-wide and most likely world-wide basic procedure.This was through the Medical Examiner’s testimony, and this alone shows conspiracy — but this is only part of the conspiracy.

    Sir! I am not at all being accusatory toward you being party to an evil conspiracy to obstruct Justice, or to deny any form of Justice.I most sincerely — deep down in my heart — feel that you had no knowledge of the real evils at work.But, in all Truth, I cannot say that you could not see at least a little of the “handwriting on the wall.”Sir, it was just too obvious!My whole life was literally at your feet, yet I heard not your voice in protest, or to even question the evils before your Honorable Court.I pray that you do not take my words wrong, for the pain in my heart is so great, and my understanding is so limited.But my words of question flow from a pure heart and I have tried for years to understand how this could happen, but Wisdom escapes me.

    Judge Rochester, when evil presented its ugly face in your Court, you not only had the power, but with all due respect, you had a duty to protect.Regrettably, you chose to wash your hands of this evil and throw me into the hands of an ignorant jury.This jury’s mind was skillfully poisoned by the Prosecutor’s intentional manipulation of their ignorance and innocence.Their minds were poisoned by the very evil of which I speak:This was Persecution, taking on the form Law & Order, by a District Attorney with a personal vendetta.But even you had no way of knowing this, and certainly the innocent and well-meaning jury did not know of this.

    The Prosecutor asked the jury to send a message to all.They did.In their ignorant and innocently eager willingness to please society as a whole, they unknowingly sent a sick-sick message of blatant injustice to the public.I feel a deep, deep compassion for these jury members.They are also victims in a viscous circle of evil.

    Our search for Justice is not limited to domestic.My wife and I search also on an International level.We are compelled to submit our Persecutions to the Court of International opinion.Yes! we seek Political Asylum.We search the world-wide web for anything which might resemble Justice.

    We are now in the process of establishing a Home Page/Web Site to present our case before the world.In all Truth, it totally breaks my heart to have to admit, and submit documents to show the world the evils within “The Land of the Free,” “The Equal Justice Under Law,” and “The World Dream.”I know I am not the first to pursue this ugly avenue for Justice.I’m absolutely “certain” many, many more will follow in my footsteps of sadness.And Sir! we both know that when we are dead and gone, our grandchildren shall curse our names forever.For it is we, the American people, who let this Country slide directly into the depths of hell.Yes, I’m to blame, as well as everyone else who considers himself an American.Our grandchildren will know our names well.

    No Sir, I am not at all attempting to appeal to your inner-most conscience or anyone else’s conscience in this Nation.I truly feel that the conscience of this Nation dissipated in the 1950’s.I am in no way seeking pity, concern or compassion.I desperately seek Wisdom to understand.In my void of understanding, my heart longs for Freedom, and my soul cries out for Justice.But evil claims victory.My spirit shall sail the far reaches of the Universe until it is afforded a haven of rest.

Respectfully, I am

/s/ Patrick Swiney