Kathy Tadlock Update

Great news!  I just got off the telephone with Kathy Tadlock who was sent to prison in Idaho for possessing medical marijuana.  Her sentence was 5 years.  She served 3 years and was released Friday, 9/13/02.  She's on 1 year parole.  Her parole officer, Karen, told her, "Not one inkling of activism or you go back to prison!"

So, Kathy is going to follow all the rules to make sure she becomes a free woman in one year.  Her case can be found right now in CASES WOMEN on our pages, and will will be moving her case to SUCCESSFUL CASES very soon.  I am thrilled to see her home.

She's got a job that she has had since the 3rd of August by the Parole folks.  She working for minimum wage at a 2nd hand store for a church - and she will keep that job because it pleases the parole folks.

Kathy is now treating herself to food she has not tasted in 3 yrs.  Today she bought an avocado and some vanilla.  Simple pleasures that we all take for granted when we are free.

She says she's doing okay, knowing there's a lot of adjusting to do because she hasn't gotten used to being able to move around without asking for permission to do so.  She's a bit overwhelmed with the condition of her home because it wasn't taken care of the three years she was gone.  But she has a friend who is coming over tomorrow to help her get the house cleaned again...big job: washing walls and everything that's gotten "stale" and filthy in her absence.

Kathy says hr computer still works.  So, she will be back online soon.  BUT, we must all be cognizant that her situation is fragile in that she cannot receive any emails that sound like activism of any kind, lest they will come and take her away to prison to finish out her remaining 2 years.

Her son kept the bills paid and kept her car going so she has transportation. And her formerly estranged younger brother came to the prison to bring her home, and has since been very attentive - which is a very nice surprise for Kathy.  God works in mysterious ways.

Sherry Swiney