Patrick Swiney's Correspondence with Key Press

July 27, 1999

Editor Jack Sanford

Key Press

P.O. Box 26048

El Pason, TX 79926

Dear Editor:

I submitted an article to you for your evaluation - with expressed written permission to print, should you choose. The referenced article: "Too Late to Debate???"

Shortly thereafter, I received a nice letter from you, declining, stating your reasons which of course was understandable. I appreciated your response and your reasoning - and - expecting that to be our final communication.

Well, today I received a letter from a Joan Parsons - supposedly Assistant Editor for Key Press. But this letter was completely unlike your response in all ways. First, stating articles must be new, current material. The conditions I describe are current - nothing new.

She speaks about the ratings of Amnesty International, and states that AI has Alabama Prisons rated twenty third (23rd) and Arizona as thirty third (33rd) Since our organization is closely aligned with Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and others, we shall ask that they re-evaluate and correct if needed.

About the only thing that made sense to me in her letter was the evaluation of the Human Rights abuses in Arizona. From what little I know, most of what she describes is true. Now if her description of Walpole Prison is correct, then surely they should indeed be listed in the top ten - worse.

This Ms. Parsons continues: "Thank you for writing but my boss is not attempting to fight wars for individual prisoners. His goal is to change the U.S. penal system." How she can mentally formulate that "Too Late To Debate???" with individual, is completely beyond me. The article or my letter goes far-far beyond "self" in my petition to "We the People" through my article. Like she says of you, my main objective is to affect changes throughout, but certainly not limit my objectives to strictly the U.S. penal system. The entire system is broken - and badly broken.

In her letter, this woman implies that it's just fine to support a wrongful conviction of a crime - if they may have been guilty or something else. The writ that freed her of her guilty conviction is no longer available to those who are 100% innocent. I, myself, have committed no crime - presently or in the past. Committed a few so-called sins, guess this justifies life in prison for the rest of my life - in Ms. Parson's eyes anyway.

As far as Ms. Parson's time being valuable, I suppose that's for you to decide. Personally, I'm sure we would disagree - but you sign the paychecks for her, not me. But one thing for certain - had she done much more "Time" and extremely "Hard Time" I'm certain she would look at wrongful convictions differently - MUCH DIFFERENTLY!

I apologize for not enclosing her letter, but such a semi-insane letter needs to be digitized (scanned) to share with others. I do appreciate your level-headed response, but due to the attitude - arrogant and ignorance of "your" Ms. Parsons, I do not wish any further communications with Kay Press.

Respectfully, I am

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