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JUDICIAL ACCOUNTABILITY — April 6, 2004 - For several weeks now we have been discussing bad faith judges, prosecutors and defense lawyers who cause innocent people to go to prison.  The general consensus among those who have written about this is that court officials who cause innocent people to go to prison should be sentenced to prison for the same length of time that the innocent person received.  If Congress would pass a new law that implements this then we would see Due Process according to the Rule of Law in no time....
Jury Instruction - Homicide
KIRBY V. STATE OF ALABAMA— October 15, 2004 - On August 27, 2004 the Supreme Court of Alabama decided in the Kirby case regarding nonviolent convicted offenders serving life or LWOP.  Please see the attached letter from Alabama DOC regarding that decision.
Landmark U.S. Supreme Court Decisions
Law Analysis on the War on Drugs- Policing for Profit: The Drug War's Hidden Economic Agenda
LAW INFO LEGAL RESOURCE CENTER— The LawInfo Legal Resource Center is a free service designed to help consumers and businesses resolve their legal issues. You will find samples of legal forms and documents, such as a contract to sell your car, a will, or an employment agreement. You will find answers to a wide variety of commonly asked legal questions, many of which are available in RealAudio® and Windows Media formats in our Audio Guides.  Features: LEGAL FORMS, LEGAL AND PRACTICE AREA DICTIONARY
LawResearch NewsLetter— Just The LawLinks
Law Libraries of Case Summaries

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Aele Law Library of Case Summaries:
Corrections Law for Jails, Prisons and Detention facilities
Lawyer Tools— Search over 550 free legal related databases from one easy interface. You will be able to find federal and state court opinions, statutes, Constitutions, Forms and much more.
LEGAL DEFINITIONS— Free Legal Information
Legal Reserach Links This is a list of Uniform Resource Locators (URLs-- the Websites) of courts, legislative bodies, or agencies, whose opinions or materials you can obtain without charge. Some offer searchable databases; others provide court opinions by date of decision. Each of these sites is FREE. We have also included a listing of other web sites with lists of legal links, as well as some sources of general information, and web search engines. Please email us with any suggestions for additions, corrections, or changes.
Legal research requires the use of special tools and publications.
The Virtual Chase informs about Web sites and research strategies for finding the law.
LEGAL RESEARCH— April 16, 2005 - Search or browse our collection of annotated resources for factual or legal research. To learn about conducting legal research, see our articles and tips. Introduction to Online Legal, Regulatory & Intellectual Property Research, Genie Tyburski, Editor.  Case Law.  Statuatory Law.  Regulatory Law.  State Law.  Foreign Law....and much more.
Legal Web Front: Legal WebFront™ is the Premier Internet Legal Research Tool! It makes your research tasks faster and simpler, as well as save you and your clients time and money. Research statutes, caselaw, federal government regulations, state governments, and topic-specific materials right through the Internet.
LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell’s Experts & Services— the legal community’s most comprehensive and widely-used guide, providing information on over 50,000 experts, consultants and other service professionals.
Lexis One— the Resource for Small Law Firms. Find free cases - Find free legal forms - etc.
Listing of Links - Supreme Court, Circuit Court, Bureau of Justice Statistics, an much more.
Litigation Help for Prisoners
Manslaughter— Common LawM
Maryland Statutes
Massaro v. United States, 02-1559— Decided April 23, 2003 - Supreme Court Rejects Appeal Limits for Inmates
MAYBURY V. MADISON— August 19, 2005 - U.S. Supreme Court MARBURY v. MADISON, 5 U.S 137 (1803) 5 U.S. 137 (Cranch) WILLIAM MARBURY v. JAMES MADISON, Secretary of State of the United States. February Term, 1803 — In the order in which the court has viewed this subject, the following questions have been considered and decided.
1. Has the applicant a right to the commission he demands?
2. If he has a right, and that right has been violated, do the laws of his country afford him a remedy?
3. If they do afford him a remedy, is it a mandamus issuing from this court? A law repugnant to the constitution is void, and that courts, as well as other departments, are bound by that instrument.
Also, Chief Justice John Marshall stated: "It is a general and indispensable rule that where there is a legal right, there is a legal remedy."
See also
Miller-El v. Dretke, No. 03-9659— U.S. SUPREME COURT - December 7, 2004 - Justices Give Second Hearing in a Texas Death Row Case By LINDA GREENHOUSE New York Times.  Thomas Miller-El, 53, who is on death row, says the jury that convicted him of killing a Dallas hotel clerk was deliberately stacked with whites.  The outcome of this case will affect many who are on death row.
Monitoring of Conversations between Detainees and their Attorneys— November 9, 2001 - is this lawful?
Mullaney v. Wilbur — The State of Maine requires a defendant charged with murder to prove that he acted "in the heat of passion on sudden provocation'' in order to reduce the homicide to manslaughter. We must decide whether this rule comports with the due process requirement, as defined in In re Winship, 397 U.S. 358, 364 (1970), that the prosecution prove beyond a reasonable doubt every fact necessary to constitute the crime charged....
Munn v. Toney, No. 05-1320 (8th Cir. January 18, 2006) - (Arkansas case) - Dismissal of prison inmate-plaintiff's civil rights action claiming deliberate indifference to his medical needs is reversed where plaintiff sufficiently alleged he was denied his blood-pressure medication as to his missed-medication claim, and plaintiff's missed-monitoring claim does not fail for lack of physical injury to plaintiff.
National Archive of Criminal Justice Data
National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS) - Clearinghouse of Criminal justice sources on the Internet
Nelson v. Campbell, 03-6821 — Alabama case, US Supreme Court decision - May 25, 2004 - Alabama case.  Joe W. Morgan III attorney of record.  Dr. Glenn Larkin, amicus curiae brief written in November 2003.  Dr. Mark Heath, physician. The Supreme Court ruled for the first time Monday that a death row inmate can pursue a last-ditch claim that lethal injection is unconstitutionally cruel.
NEW YORK UNIVERSITY LAW REVIEW— December 7, 2002 - # Charting the Influences on the Judicial Mind: An Empirical Study of Judicial Reasoning, 73 N.Y.U. L. REV. 1377 (1998) (with Michael Heise and Andrew P. Morriss) (Winner of Law and Society Association Article Prize, 1999). Of course, the article does not venture into the question of whether any of the federal criminal statutes are themselves constitutional, at least outside federal enclaves, but that was not the topic.
-- Jon Roland
NO JUSTICE - NO CONSTITUTION— June 16, 2005 - Review of your power and the power of the State you live in.  You Are The Law!  Your State Is The Law!  To fully comprehend this web link it is an excellent idea to familiarize yourself with the word and phrase definitions on this sub-link.  For your convenience the unfamiliar words and phrases referenced throughout this web link are defined herein and will also appear in blue when used within the write ups themselves.   If you have forgotten the meaning of the words or phrases you need only to click on the word, or phrase referenced in the write up in blue, and the meaning will appear in a box for you to review.  The definitions of the words and phrases below and throughout this link and its sub-links are mostly derived from Black?s Law Dictionary. Black?s is the highest authority that exists for the meanings of words and phrases relating to the exact lawful definitions used in law and courts across the United States.
North Carolina Forms— includes NC Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, Trial Courts, Opinions, Forms, Rules, Supreme Court Library, etc.
OVERTON V. BAZZETTA— US Supreme Court decision re: Prison Visiting - Decided June 16, 2003
OYEZ U.S. SUPREME COURT MULTIMEDIA RESEARCH PAGE— March 12, 2006 - Use this page for case law research.
Patterson v. New York — The question here is the constitutionality under the Fourteenth Amendment's Due Process Clause of burdening the defendant in a New York State murder trial with proving the affirmative defense of extreme emotional disturbance as defined by New York law....
PEOPLE BEFORE LAWYERS — January 15, 2004 - Putting the rights of citizens ahead of profits of lawyers...immunity for judges...judiciary self-regulating.

People Before Lawyers
Prisoners and Prisoners' Rights— Overview Federal and state laws govern the establishment and administration of prisons as well as the rights of the inmates.  Although prisoners do not have full Constitutional rights they are protected by the Constitution's prohibition of cruel and unusual punishment (see Amendment VIII).
PRO SE RESOURCE CENTER— Unlike many people who have been brainwashed by a famous attorney marketing slogan, I believe that in many situations a person can effectively represent themselves in court or in other legal proceedings, IF that person has the right kind of personality, determination, and is properly informed and educated.
PRO SE WAY— For those who find it necessary to litigate without or assist an attorney.   Warning!  Courts around this country are ruling against Pro Se's regardless of how legally correct they are.   I regret to say Pro Se's are best approaching their litigation with the goal of meticulously documenting their injustice; otherwise they may be sorely disappointed.
Promise of landmark case remains unrealized — Forty years ago last week, on March 18, 1963, the U.S. Supreme Court decided the landmark case of Gideon v. Wainwright and announced a principle we all take for granted: that everyone who is accused of a crime is entitled to be represented by a lawyer, even if the accused is too poor to hire one.
Prosecutorial Resistance to Exculpatory DNA Evidence— September 4, 2003 - By far the most important development in the field of criminal justice over the last generation has been the advent of DNA analysis. The most dramatic result of DNA testing has been the exoneration of literally hundreds of inmates who were wrongly convicted of serious crimes and sentenced to lengthy prison terms and even death.
Public Affairs Research Council of Alabama— PARCA Reports & Data on Corrections in the southern states - Deciding the Future Directon of Criminal Punishment in Alabama and much more...
PUBLIC RECORDS — Paper prepared by Johnson Barton Proctor & Powell LLP - With respect to records other than judicial, no statute to the contrary intervening, the public generally have no absolute right of access or inspection. And one who demands that right can be properly required to show that he has an interest in the document which is sought, and that the inspection is for a legitimate purpose. But, for the public and for individuals showing such a right, the custodian of official documents is a trustee; and while he may and should preserve them against impertinent intrusion, he should allow ready access to those who have an interest in them, and who claim access for the purpose of promoting or protecting it.
PUBLIC RECORD SITES — At this web page, BRB provides a core group of links to FREE government searchable sites along with some important non-government sites. You will not find superfluous sites or multiple listings of the same link. We have indicated if a site is not searchable by name. The links list is updated weekly.
Public Record Databases by State
The Redeclaration of Independence — by John J. Kettler
REDRESS, INC. — "Redress: To set right, remedy or rectify... to make a fair adjustment; to see that justice is done." Webster's New World Dictionary. IMPORTANT:  Please participate in the national study on Legal Abuse Syndrome by completing an on-line questionnaire.  This 5,000 participant study will enable us to collect information relevant to pro se litigants so that we can work to create real and lasting change.  To participate, e-mail, and note "STUDY PARTICIPANT" in the subject line.
REMEDIES FOR INNOCENCE IN CALIFORNIA - WHICH STATES WILL FOLLOW— June 22, 2006 - California Dreaming? The Golden State's Restless Approach to Newly Discovered Evidence of Innocence.  By DANIEL S. MEDWED, University of Utah - S.J. Quinney College of Law, U of Utah Legal Studies Paper No. 05-40, UC Davis Law Review, Vol. 40, 2007
ROPER V. SIMMONS - U.S. Supreme Court, March 1, 2005— In a 5-4 ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court holds that the application of the death penalty to juvenile offenders is unconstitutional, concluding that "[w]hen a juvenile commits a heinous crime, the State can exact forfeiture of some of the most basic liberties, but the State cannot extinguish his life and his potential to attain a mature understanding of his own humanity."
Rules of Evidence By State
Sample appellate brief to a federal court — The following sample brief follows the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure. To save room on these webpages, some portions of the brief have been omitted, and it is single-spaced.  If you are drafting a brief to a court in a federal circuit or in another jurisdiction, be sure to conform your brief's contents and format to the requirements of the court rules there.
SEARCY v. SIMMONS, No. 00-3161 (10th Cir. August 19, 2002)
A corrections department's Sexual Abuse Treatment Program (SATP) does not violate an inmate's Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination, and the SATP's admission of responsibility requirement does not violate the right to free exercise of religion.
Section 2254. State custody; remedies in Federal courts
Self-Help Prisoners Rights Materials
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