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Alberto Gonzales — November 13, 2004 — The Senate should hold Alberto Gonzales accountable for his bad legal advice. Alberto Gonzales was nominated yesterday to replace John Ashcroft as attorney general.
Attorney Assistant Kenneth Brickley My ambition is to satisfy counsel's requirement in case preparation. Courtroom demeanor, posture, and attire is important to a professionally presented courtroom defense. Often, defense witnesses have no experience with the environment of a courtroom. I prepare the witnesses for the defense in an effort to raise their comfort level while on the stand and before the jury. Any defense witness have but one occasion to make a good first impression to the jury, a comfortable witness is decidedly a more believable witness.
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Caliornia — Charles Carbone, Esq. is an attorney dedicated to fighting for prisoner rights and human rights for California prisoners and their families
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CHERYL L. KATES ESQ — NEW YORK— July 14, 2005 — I am an attorney practicing in New York State ONLY. Parole Plans - My office creates comprehensive plans for inmates appearing before the parole board. Sentencing Mitigation Plans - My office creates comprehensive plans for pre trial detainees arguing for lesser sentences. Parole Administrative Appeals, Administrative Appeals related to Tier 2 or 3 tickets Artcle 78's related to Parole, Parole Revocation Proceedings. Contact Information:

Cheryl L. Kates Esq.
121 N. Fitzhugh Street
Suite 300
Rochester, NY 14614
Crime Attorneys Nationwide — Appeals and Post-conviction Relief - Whether your case is in Federal or State Court, Crime Attorneys can assist you with your appeal, writ, motion or any post-conviction relief. Our Managing Appellate Attorney, Randy S. Kravis, won an overwhelming majority of his appellate cases while serving in the Judge Advocate General's (JAG) office.
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Dallas Pro-Bono Connections — formed in 2003 to promote, coordinate and facilitate the delivery of pro bono legal services in the Dallas area. This site was created to support pro bono programs and community service groups in the area, to provide a gateway for these programs, Dallas lawyers, legal professionals and law firms to interact and to make pro bono legal services to those in need as accessible as possible.
Do You Know Any Bad Lawyers?— April 14, 2003
Framed by the System — Added July 3, 2008 — This site and the groups involved and people involved all came about because I started writing to Inmates in Prison both men and women. I am a Paralegal in the Uk and have been helping undertaking research. Although Paralegals from the UK are not allowed to come to the USA and defend we still have other roles to perform, well those of us who want to become involved.
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Guide For Employing a Lawyer — Many ways to discover if your lawyer is dishonest and/or incompetent.
Help Wanted — Lawyers with a Heart Needed — 2003
Houston Volunteer Lawyer Program In 1981, the Houston Bar Association founded the Houston Volunteer Lawyers Program (HVLP) to address the legal needs of Houston's working poor. In 1987 HVLP became an independent 501(c)(3) corporation. HVLP receives generous support from the Houston Bar Foundation, the Texas Bar Foundation, Texas Equal Access To Justice Foundation, Gulf Coast Legal Foundation, Ryan White Title I and private contributors.
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Howard L. Nations Site Directory — Houston, TX — This website is filled with valuable information and links for Texas and the rest of
the states as well.
If Arizona Bar Association Wins, you lose! — News Alert: your rights are in jeopardy.
Innocence Projects Contact List — Added May 5, 2008 — Innocence Projects provide representation and/or investigative assistance to prison inmates who claim to be innocent of the crimes for which they were convicted. There is now at least one innocence project serving each state except Hawaii, North Dakota and South Dakota. Most of these innocence projects are new and overwhelmed with applications, so waiting time between application and acceptance is long. Wrongfully convicted persons should not be dissuaded from applying to Innocence Projects because of this, but should have realistic expectations regarding acceptance and time lags.Contact information for all US innocence projects — Source
Innocence Projects in the US
Innocence Projects provide representation and/or investigative assistance to prison inmates who claim to be innocent of the crimes for which they were convicted. Only a handful of Innocence Projects are currently functioning in the U.S., and.........
Joseph M. MecCulloch — attorney at law, South Carolina
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Lawyers Without Borders — Lawyers without Borders, Inc. is a §501(c)(3) qualified corporation whose members cross borders to make a difference. Our web site is located at
Legal Aid and Pro-Bono Lawyers Legal Aid wishes to thank and for linking to our site. We appreciate their support of our poverty law program and are proud to be in solidarity with them for this Associates Campaign 2001!
Legal Match — Find the Right Lawyer — November 12, 2005 — The benchmark for attorney/client matching services. Fast, Free and Confidential
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Myriad Directories Of Legal Professionals— Myriad directories of legal professionals exist. Access depends upon the information you may have and that you seek. Several pathfinders illustrate the types of information available as well as describing specific sources: Duke University School of Law Library's Directories of Lawyers provides information on web and print resources including identifying general and state directories as well as practice related and international materials. Hastings Law Library Research Guide Directories of Attorneys includes selected sources covering San Francisco and California, the United States, foreign and international listings as well as commercial databases and web sources. Zimmerman's Research Guide "Attorneys", "Bar Admission" and "Law Firms" describe general and
specialized directories, rankings and disciplinary procedures' sources to help you locate or identify a particular lawyer or law firm. ...and more...
National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) — November 2, 2005 — This site is designed as both an open forum for the discussion of criminal justice policies and practice as well as a private online service for members of NACDL. You are welcome to explore this site and email comments to
The Other Victims Advocacy (TOVA) — Added July 3, 2008 — Balancing the Scales of Justice. In every county in this country through the prosecuting attorney's office there is a victims advocate to assist the victim or their families through the entire legal process, however there is no one to assist the "other victim" which is the family members of those accused, or convicted of a crime. Tova was founded for the purpose of being the advocate for the other victim, by offering a 24 hour a day service which provides immediate assistance to family members of those accused of a crime, and to see the family member through the entire process which does help balance the scales of justice.
Post Conviction Associates — Changing the system one case at a time — March 9, 2006 — Post Conviction Associates is a small firm dedicated to assisting pro-se parties with the research and preparation of legal pleadings directed at criminal convictions and sentences, habeas corpus, new trial motions, civil actions for damages, injunctions etc..
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Pro Bono Lawyers links — October 26, 2003
Pro Bono Lawyers — New York — February 19, 2003 — Any New York members, or anyone else — here is an opportunity to find pro-bono lawyers. Volunteerism Among Lawyers Surges, Encouraged by Slumping Economy.
Recommended Lawyers (good and bad) — the following section consists of lawyers who are recommended by others from their own experiences. Patrick Crusade takes no responsibility for the opinions of others but simply passes these opinions on to you as a courtesy in the hope that you may benefit from the experience of others. Likewise, if a recommendation is in the reverse, Patrick Crusade will list these as well as a precautionary measure and takes no responsibility for any liability based upon the personal experience of others but simply passes this on to you as a courtesy. The ultimate decision in selecting a lawyer is your responsibility. We always caution people to do their homework before selecting a lawyer. You cannot sue us for liable or slander (1) because we have no money, and (2) because truth is the best defense against liable or slander. For consumer protection: If a lawyer does a good job, we want to hear about it. If a lawyer does a lousy job, we want to hear about that too.
So You Want to Start an Innocent Project
In recent years numerous wrongly convicted individuals have been released from prison after new evidence, often in the form of scientific evidence such as DNA, has established that they were actually innocent. Many of these wrongly convicted individuals...
State Bar of California: For when you're researching attorney's backgrounds, or when you need to file a complaint. Unfortunately, Pete Wilson gutted their funds and shut down all their functions except testing and licensing, but they'll probably be back in business next year. In the meantime, you can still check license records here.
Wilson Myers — ALABAMA — Criminal Law and other disciplines. Has been known to take cases pro bono. Member of the P.A.T.R.I.C.K. Crusade Organization.
Wisconsin Innocence Project Home: In recent years, numerous wrongly convicted individuals have been released from prison after new evidence, often in the form of scientific evidence such as DNA, has established that they were actually innocent. The Wisconsin Innocence Project provides...