Letter from Betty Dupre

20 January 2000
Mr. Don Siegleman
Governor of Alabama
600 Dexter Avenue
Montgomery, AL 36104

Dear Governor

    I am a friend of the Swiney family and I have worked hard over the years to help Patrick Swiney. I am one of the few who is not afraid of Nell Snow's political influence. When Patrick was arrested, I was shocked and, with his mother Odelle Swiney, we led the community to come up with the initial bond of $125,000.00. As soon as we did this, Michael Campbell got that bond raised to $500,000.00 which we raised in one day. I went to Mike Campbell's office and told him that even if he raised that bond to a million dollars, we'd get Patrick out of jail. I told him these things because I know Patrick very well. I know the history of his life and his marriage to Betty Snow. Now, I wish I'd told Patrick how Betty was the type of person who would sleep with just about anyone who would ask her [like mother, like daughter], and I wish I'd told him about Betty and Mike Campbell having an affair, but I just couldn't bring myself to say these things to Patrick because I knew how much it would hurt him. I've always felt that Patrick would one day be released from prison to come home where I think he belongs. I have my doubts as to whether Patrick actually shot anyone, but even if he did, under the circumstances, I think it was justified because a man can only take so much before he cracks.

    Patrick may have been hot-headed at times, but he was never hurtful to anyone. He helped everyone who needed help and this is why his community loved him enough to help him get bonded out. We were so angry with the unfairness of the trial and how Mike Campbell lied to the jury, that after Patrick was sent to prison, I headed up a campaign to get Mike Campbell kicked out of office. One year after Patrick was sent to prison, Campbell was no longer District Attorney. We saw to that and are proud to have removed him from office because he abused his powers and that's not what we want in our county. We want fairness and justice for everyone. I don't think that's what Patrick received and now I ask you as governor and former attorney general, to please do everything you possibly can to right a terrible wrong that's been done in Shelby County to a good and decent man. I think Patrick Swiney deserves his freedom and I hope you will act upon this to show the citizens of Alabama that you are a man who seeks justice for all.

    Thank you for your time, and I remain sincerely,

Betty Dupre
1129 Hickory Hill Drive
Alabaster, AL 35007