24 May 2001

Judge William A. Shahby
County Courthouse
251 So. Lawrence Street
Montgomery, Alabama 36104-4279

RE: Enclosed Article

Dear Judge Shashy:

I am writing in response to your order, which is expressed in the enclosed Birmingham News Article. In no way do I envy your position on this issue. It is most obvious that either way you go, it's a blatant violation of the United States Constitution, basic human rights and the sacred Laws of Nature. Hell if you do - hell if you don't.

Holman Prison is already over crowded - visiting cut in half - violence drastically increasing - they now plan to double all beds in this Prison. Unknowingly, your order is to surely create a: "Blood Bath."

I am a 56 year old man and former Police Officer (13 years), was a legal investigator in A.P.I. Law Firm for two years. I am mixed in as are all the older prisoners, with extremely maladjusted youths, ill-bread - mostly likely - Inbred. We are already crammed wall-to-wall, the only place to warehouse humans is to go up - double beds.

May God have mercy on "All" our souls.

Ironically, the ad on this Birmingham News Article, i.e., New Books entitled: "Empire Falls" - I have no way of knowing if this is in reference to the United States, but We (the U.S.) are surely falling and falling at an extremely fast pace of decline. Not in our lifetime, but history shall be extremely cruel to US - and especially to those entrusted to preserve the United States Constitution. Maybe the sooner this Country Falls, the sooner it can start again from the ground up.

I am enclosing an article I wrote three years ago which inflamed many. But Truth can sometimes tend to raise its Ugly head. Is my article prophecy? Only time shall tell. Scriptures tell us that a prophet is hated in his own land. Maybe this explains just many in Alabama were so inflamed. Yet the words were welcomed all around the World - translated into 17 languages. Maybe it's prophecy,

Judge Shashy, should my words inflame you, for whatever reason, and you choose to Retaliate against me, I must convey that you won't be the first. The Chief Federal Judge in Mobile beat you to the punch three years ago: Judge Butler. Well at least Judge Butler
has gotten to be known Internationally. Actually, the purpose of my Article was to Awaken!

You may wonder just who this "Patrick Swiney" is, who has the gall to write to a Circuit Court Judge. Sir, for one thing I am a Political Prisoner. No sire, I don't expect you to believe anything. I believe in documented proof, not words. Therefore, all my records - trial transcripts - lab reports - statements - letters - Everything! has been electronically digitized on a compact disk (CD) for anyone - or any Nation around the World to examine. Let them decide if my words are Truth.

Even this letter shall be made a part of this extensive Record.

You are most correct Judge, it could make no difference to me - my age, my health - no difference at all. It's for our grandchildren that I write and fight. In the years to come maybe the historians may show our grandchildren where our road of destruction was, and maybe - just maybe - they, unlike today, will have the courage to correct their Path.

Fact is: Freedom and Injustice cannot coexist - Impossible!

I had completely given up on the Courts in this Country many years ago, especially all the Courts in the U.S. 11th Circuit. With all due respect, there is no Justice in the United States any more - Period! It saddens my heart to expose absolute Truth. I can't help but relate to a song in the 1960's - "Freedom's just another word for nothing to loose." Such a sad truth.

I shall close with my beginning: In no way do I - or could I - envy you. You "literally" hold the power of God in your hands. Life or Death with God's creatures. Even the young man you send to an "Alabama" prison, it's his sentence to death. Even should it be a 5 year sentence, it's his sentence to death. I've seen them come in bright eyed. I'll spare you the pain of how they leave - but all with the blessing of Voters in The Bible Belt. Judge Shashy, we live in a very, very, very sick society.

You shall truly remain in my thoughts and prayers.

Most Respectfully, I am

Patrick Swiney

"And like the seeds dreaming beneath the snow, My heart dreams of spring."