Article by Patrick Swiney
June 17, 2001
Copyright June 2001 

My Brothers and Sisters of Poland: 

I have always had the highest respect for all the people of all the European Countries.They have shown the ultimate regard for human life, and of family values.None other can display the sacredness of the family unit as the Europeans do.This trait is absolutely vital to human survival.

In the fight against evil, I do not think any area or country could compare to the Serbs (Yugoslavia) and the people of Poland.During World War II, Hitler encountered his nightmare when he entered both Surbia and Poland.Hitler entered the ultimate in courage — and he paid dearly. 

During the so-called Cold War, I simply could not believe what the U.S. Government was telling me about the evil, evil Soviet Union, and its people.They made attempts: newspapers, radio, television and public schools to brainwash the American public to hate all the people in the Soviet Union.I simply could not believe this, even as a child. 

Yesterday, I watched in horror, as the television displayed the Polish people giving the President of this rogue country (USA) a very warm welcome.I simply could not believe that the Polish people would extend any type of welcome to our King George (Bush).With disbelief, I retrieved a short-wave radio I had hidden; I use this to acquire truth as I believe nothing the U.S. "controlled" news media reports.Sure enough, the B.B.C., Radio Havana Cuba, Radio Japan, all were reporting a warm welcome for King George in Poland.I was horrified.How could this possibly be?

King George Bush has blood all over his hands — he is the biggest executioner in the entire United States and the Free World.That is, if you wish to call the U.S. part of the free world.When King George is not executing human beings, he and his rogue government and government agents of "all" types are surely persecuting humans.

Torture is now common in the U.S. Justice simply does not exist in the United States.— It's a joke!

I know that Polish people are very proud people.Their courage goes without saying and never to dispute extreme courage.Therefore, I know without question that it is not fear that makes the Polish people bow down to this tyrant — King George (Bush).So, I question just where the Poles received their information on world events.Surely they cannot knowingly embrace such a tyrant and Prince of Death and Master of Oppression.

I — am a political prisoner of the United States of America.I am 56 years old, former police officer of 13 years with a spotless background and excellent character.You may question my claim of being a political prisoner — you should!However, I am not a man of idle words.I can document every word I say, and documents cannot lie, nor can they deceive.

King George Bush would tell you that no political prisoners are being held in the U.S.King George is C.I.A. - liar!Ask him to produce documents to disclaim "My" claims.He simply cannot.Now, I can produce documents to anyone, in any country, any group, any individual, any government or government leader on the face of the earth to "prove" my claims of being a political prisoner.

My friends of Poland, King George (Bush) is a man of death, lies and deception.I — my Polish friends — am a man of Light and Truth.All my records, trial transcripts, forensic reports, lab reports, letters — Everything! have been digitized and put on compact disk (CD) for anyone to view or study."All" these records can be electronically transferred around the world.Don't take my word as sacred.View "all" the documents, and I defy anyone in this rogue government to produce "any" evidence against me to convict me of "any" crime.I, myself, can produce evidence to prove my innocence — plus many private (non-government) investigators.

I have ask all the Federal Courts in this country to strip me of my U.S. citizenship (worthless anyway) and deport me to any country…any country…even those whom the USA deems as totally evil: Iran-Iraq-Syria-Libya-Cuba just 90 miles away — there, I would receive more justice than I have in this country.I have asked the U.S. Federal Courts for this: "Just let me leave the U.S. forever."No response at all.They can't respond because they know I'm right. 

I'm compelled to warn all the people of Poland and Europe about your warm welcome of King George Bush: you may be embracing the very man who will destroy you, all your children and grandchildren.Far fetched?I so wonder what you would have said of Hitler before he arose to power — far fetched?

Awaken.Be Vigilant!Things are not always as they appear.Deception is the tool of evil.Be vigilant, Poland.Be vigilant!Poland and all its people shall remain inmy thoughts and prayers. 

Within the Universe, there are no political borders.We are all one.

Most sincerely, I am

Patrick Swiney
154406 - d2, Holman 3700
Atmore, AL 36503-3700
I shall die on my feet, before living on my knees.