Article by Patrick Swiney

June 23, 1999


    It is common knowledge throughout the entire world, that the State of Alabama is notorious for its atrocities, and human rights abuses in its prison system.So bat at one, even the Federal Courts stepped in, and took over the Alabama Prison system for 13 years.Stating that conditions and abuses were so bad in Alabama Prisons, that it shocked the conscience of a evolving society.So if these Federal Courts were shocked - no one needs to ask how bad - it's also common knowledge that the US Federal Courts have no conscience or compassion for We the People.

    With full knowledge of "All" of these atrocities and human rights abuses, still Mercedes Benz chose to locate to the State of Alabama.Mercedes Benz knew all of these atrocities beforehand - even that it took the State of Alabama over 25 minutes to execute a man in its infamous electric chair - what kind of company "Is" Mercedes Benz?

    It was Mercedes Benz, that made it possible for Hitler to export his reign of terror to all of Europe and the African continent.Mercedes built the military vehicles for Hitler making all of the death and destruction possible.For the madman Adolph Hitler - again, they had to have known this beforehand.Since Mercedes Benz has located to Alabama, prison conditions has deteriorated at a ever alarming rate.All aspects, including chain gangs - hitching post, to hitch prisoners in the blazing southern sun - milk taken completely out of prisons - charging money to even sigh up for sick call.

    And prisoner's telephone rates about $1.00 per minute.Now, all of this and much more has come about since Mercedes Benz located in Alabama.

    Is Mercedes Benz attempting to import to this country their massive death and destruction of years past?Are they attempting to establish a Third Reich in Alabama?What is happening here?

    Now, remember the military tanks that massacred almost a hundred men-women and children in Waco, was flying State of Alabama flags.Look again at these tanks and its flags.And Mercedes Benz choose Alabama?

    Since Mercedes Benz has located to Alabama, they have taken over the Chrysler-Jeep Corporation.Now Jeep is a large maker of military vehicles - just a happen so?Or does Mercedes want to drastically expand its ability to produce Mobile Terror even on a grader and even more massive scale?--Even the property that this Mercedes Benz plants sits on, was excavated by the U.S. Military - Alabama's National Guard.Check it out!Disturbing?I'm asking?

    I've heard rumors that Honda is planning to locate to the Gestapo State of Alabama.Surely this must be untrue.The Japanese knows the stench of death most well, with the atomic bombs over their cities.Surely Honda wouldn't enter into such an unholy - evil alliance with this Gestapo State (Alabama).However, should this actually happen, Y2K and all the other events of war around the world may become very insignificant - as death may be knocking on the doors of many Americans - originally from Alabama the Beautiful.

    I make no accusation, I only offer this as food for thought.

Personally, every single time I see a Mercedes Benz of an advertisement of Mercedes Benz, my mind immediately flashes back to the over 6 million innocent people who was driven to those gas chambers and ovens in Mercedes Benz vehicles - for it was Mercedes Benz that made all of this genocide possible - and now, they are at our front door.I'm a political prisoner in Alabama - maybe this greatly increases my ability to see?Can you see?

Respectfully submitted

Patrick Swiney