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Jim Kirwan
Artist Jim Kirwan

Kirwan Studios – June 17, 2005

Kirwan's work has been in print nationally and internationally since the mid–1970's in the form of posters, prints, puzzles and note cards. All the color images are oil paintings. Reproductions of this work hve exceeded two million copies sold. There have been book covers, calendars and illustrations as well. His images are political, surrealistic, and humanistic. Kirwan is available for commissions and design work. He is the designer of the PC t–shirts that were initially used at the march on Washington, D.C. August 13th 2005.

Replace Alan Colmes — To have any balance at all against Hannity, Fox must replace Alan Colmes with a Hannity–level aggressive, true progressive.

American Patriot Friends Network

Freemen — The Plight of the Montana Freeman

Sean Hannity, Evildoer — Sean Hannity claims to be a devout Christian, but his radio and TV programs are devoted to opposing the most basic Christian values.

Bill O'Reilly, Con Man – Exposes Bill O'Reilly as an ideological con man, who offers hot button cultural issues – ACLU, gay marriage, Jesse Jackson — as the cause of people's problems, while their real problems — declining wages, corporate abuse, environmental degradation — are virtually unaddressed on his program.

The Radical Truth – Meditational writings about life and spirit. A truly radical approach to politics, religion and culture. Take–no–prisoners, just spell out the truth.

The Rational Radical – A radical alternative perspective on politics and the exercise of power. Pull–no–punches approach.

Raze the Walls! — is an anti–authoritarian group which supports prisoners through letters, material aid, literature, education and defense committees. Why do we do this? Aren't there causes more worthy of our time than writing criminals? To understand this, first we must understand why people are incarcerated. America now has over one million confined, the highest number in the world. Our government has allowed the rich to get more and more of the wealth created from our labor, and this has forced our wages down. Now, by the state's opposition to laws forcing employers to pay workers a "living wage", they are admitting that there are a vast number of working people who cannot meet their needs through work alone. These people's poverty causes them to commit crimes, whether they be stealing the money they need to live, or using illegal drugs to escape from their poverty. "Raze the Walls" is soon to release a resource guide for off–line distribution that will include this site in it's listings.

Right–Wing Pseudo–Christians – Essay entitled "Matthew 25:31–46: What Would Jesus Do? Jesus Would Send All These Right–Wing Pseudo–Christians Straight to Hell." How to debate and defeat the Christian Right, step–by–step. Detailed and well–documented.

U.S. Government stealing land from private citizens – added April 5, 2008
See also Protecting Your Home – Risky Business in America – June 30, 2007
By Jeanette Triplett
Copyright Taffy Rice

AHRC NEWS SERVICES - Long Beach, Washington – I write this letter today to yet further expose continuing fraud committed by Pacific County Washington officials acting under color of state law. On May 20, 2007 I was incarcerated for using reasonable self defense in protecting my husband, myself and our property. Something that Pacific County has failed to do for over seven years, evidenced by 316 logged calls for and on the record.

Constitutional Guardians of America - Added April 5, 2008 - This site is dedicated to the restoration of Justice, Freedom, and Constitutional Government to America, by removing Lawyers from elective office outside the judicial branch, through the ballot box or the courts....Ronald Bibace