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When the Government fears the People, there is liberty, when the People fear the Government, there is tyranny. The Government is there for us, we are not there for the Government.
The people of Alabama, U.S.A., are screaming out for justice and so far, no one is listening. The Patrick Crusade calls on Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, His Holiness - The Pope, and all foreign Human Rights Organizations for action before more people are slaughtered, either by electric chair, brutality, abandonment, or other gross human rights violations such as we are seeing in the State of Alabama. The people screaming are prisoners and families of prisoners who are systematically being brutalized. TO WIT: The Patrick Crusade reports the following:
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[Alabama needs to be exposed. Too many people are being ram-rodded through court, maimed, murdered, and -- even worse -- ignored in "Alabama the Beautiful"]

"Warning to the People of Europe"

See the article on the website at
[Alabama needs to be exposed. Too many people are being ram-rodded through court, maimed, murdered, and -- even worse -- ignored in "Alabama the Beautiful"]

"The Case of Michael Pardue"

Michael Pardue was given life without parole. His crime? Escaping 3 times for being wrongfully imprisoned. The real killers have been found and he has been exonerated from the original conviction of murder. See his case on the website at
[Alabama needs to be exposed. Too many people are being ram-rodded through court, maimed, murdered, and -- even worse -- ignored in "Alabama the Beautiful"]

"The Case of Patrick Swiney"

Patrick Swiney has been given life without parole for a crime he did not commit. Unproven by the State, he was wrongly convicted for murdering his wife and her ex-husband while they were in the act of adultery. Forensic reports showing he had not handled a discharged weapon that awful night, nor any blood on his skin or clothing, were hidden from the Jury by the D.A.
Autopsy DNA tests that would have exonerated him were prevented by order of the D.A., and thus hidden from the Jury. Now that DNA evidence is destroyed forever. Conjecture by the D.A. and inadmissible hearsay lies were used as evidence to get the conviction. See his story on the website at
[Alabama needs to be exposed. Too many people are being ram-rodded through court, maimed, murdered, and -- even worse -- ignored in "Alabama the Beautiful"]

"Letter from Death Row Prisoner - Thomas D. Arthur"

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March 11, 1999
Thomas D. Arthur
Z-427 Death Row 6D11
Holman Prison 3700
Atmore, AL 36503
Mrs. Swiney, please read completely and help if you can ASAP. Thank you for your continued interest and help. Oh, by-the-way, I have not heard from Fred A. Kolkman in the Netherlands.

[the mail must not be getting through because Fred Kolkman reports he has not heard any responses from Thomas Arthur either]

Apparently no response on the Internet stuff he said he ran on me. Oh well, no surprise [ha ha]. But the Professor Marshall [inside my letter] could be key but must be convinced [because] he won't come easy.
I won't bore you with my personal ranting [smile] and raving due to the fact this will probably take forever to get to you through the relay procedure, and I'm slowly but surely running out of time.
I personally (1 of the over 250,000,000 in the USA) enjoyed and fully understand and most certainly appreciate the effort and feelings put into the document, "Win at all costs, ( Government Misconduct in the name of Expedient Justice"). Very, very well written and on target.
Please do not be offended, I do not mean what I'm given to say in any derogatory way whatsoever at all. The Death penalty is not going to be abolished. Please listen to me, it's just not going to happen, period - at least for many years. Let me explain briefly. The laws have to be made and/or changed by each individual state legislature. Polls all show clearly that citizens voters support the Death penalty by an overwhelming majority. People in elective jobs (Legislators) will not ever, and never have gone against the voters.
Perfect example is U.S. Senate on the Clinton mess. Listen to me please. A remote possibility would be to hold a temporary moratorium on executions which could be in forced by the President only. And this could be brought about if the focus is on the Illinois Death penalty cases that has shed the media light on innocent people on Death Row there.
POINT: If a huge attempt by all - every - group such as your PATRICK CRUSADE all bombard the major media, illustrating that if the same intense investigations that have been put on the Illinois Death Row cases -- if that same intense investigation were to be put on Alabama Death Row cases -- like mine that claim to be totally innocent -- it would come to the same realization that DOZENS OF INNOCENT men and maybe women too are in Alabama and other State Death Rows exactly the same as Illinois!
POINT: The Justice Department Attorney General, Janet Reno, World Court, Germany's Chancellor, ACLU, Amnesty International, Playboy's CEO Christi Hefner, Governor of New York, and 100's of anti-Death Penalty folks IN addition to you, could in unison send e-mail and certified letters - and call or phone all at the same time -- flood President Clinton AND INVOLVE THE POPE TOO! All demanding, not humbly requesting, demanding the President put an immediate moratorium on all executions in every state until a full complete investigation by the U.S. Justice Department and Competent Investigators can investigate every single Death Row inmate's case that claims he or she is totally innocent!
FACT: Literally hundreds have given statements and are actually guilty, no doubt. Do not include these, don't bog investigators down needlessly. This has an outside, small yet real chance of being accomplished if done now -- right now immediately, while the media attention is on Illinois. It's just plain ole common sense that if it has happened in Illinois, it can be the same in Alabama where only $1,000 -- one thousand dollars -- is paid to court-appointed attorneys in capital case defense. This is so clear, it screams for justice and immediate investigation!
PERFECT EXAMPLES: Johnny Harris (15 years on death row). Russia's press got behind Harris, forced USA media to publish it. BINGO, new trial - innocent.
Walter McMillian (6 years on death row). 60 Minutes did a story. BINGO, released - innocent.
Bo Cocklan (18 years on death row). England's press got behind his case, forced USA press to publish. BINGO, new trial - innocent.
Hell Fire! These 3 cases are the only ones ever pushed by media and all 3 innocent! selfish request just for me. Right now before its too late. Mrs. Swiney, will you personally launch an immediate blitz e-mail, phone calls, get everyone you can to help you contact the following and tell them this. Maybe locate on computer for e-mail address the following person to help me:

Professor Lawrence Marshall
Department Chairman
Northwestern University Law School
357 East Chicago Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60611
Mrs. Swiney, it is imperative that from the start he be told [get him directly, assistants do not ever deliver messages correctly, nor can they convey the urgency of the message]. Imperative that Professor Marshall be made to understand that I do not want to be referred to any of the so-called death penalty appeal experts. Mrs. Swiney, you remember I've told you how Southern Center for Human Rights, Atlanta, GA, assigned my 15 year old very complex-complicated case to an attorney in Kentucky that had zero - absolutely no capital case experience at all and he then screwed my appeal to the Alabama Supreme Court up so badly. It's a crying shame how the Equal Justice Initiative of Alabama, Montgomery, Alabama, Bryan Stevenson, attorney Lajauna Davis, flat-irrefutably lied to me unequivocally totally misrepresented to me what she intended to argue doing oral argument, the 20 - yes only two previous minutes allotted for oral argument -- she wasted the MOST IMPORTANT chance to stress key issues to Alabama Court. AHHHHH!!!! [s-c-r-e-a- m]
POINT: Mrs. Swiney, the so-called Death Penalty experts are primarily geared for getting death sentences reduced to life without parole. They are geared to help stone-guilty people get LWOP off death row. They do not have funds - staff - time - to investigate a case, turn over every rock and evidence hidden by law enforcement that would indicate innocence. Law enforcement builds a case against a person not ever going to turn over stuff that will show they are wrong. HUH, common sense.
Professor Marshall must be convinced that he -- his investigators -- that journalist class that helped too -- are desperately needed. Point out that I was LITERALLY forced to act as my own attorney at 1991 trial and I have zero -- no -- education in law, period. Alabama's appeal court said since I'd been in court several times before that I was more qualified to defend myself.
The trial Judge flatly denied to allow a pre-trial hearing so I could introduce evidence that my so-called court-appointed attorneys did not prepare a defense. Trial Judge did not ask a single question as to my qualifications to defend my case [they said the same thing in Patrick Swiney's case, indicating that because they saw the case as simple and uncomplicated, and because he seemed to write rather well, that meant he was qualified to continue pro-se, therefore request for appointed counsel denied]. The court-appointed attorney that sat at the defense table had written a letter stating he personally did not know anything about defense preparation -- very important doing an appeal, period. And my case before Alabama Criminal Court of Appeals 1995-1996 Alabama Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, who was running for election to United States Senate was behind in voter polls in area of State where my case is from [northwest corner of Alabama]. Sessions wrote a personal letter to the Alabama Criminal Court of Appeals and the Alabama Supreme Court. NOTE: I can prove that it was mentioned (no names) in Geadsing Newspaper plus I have a letter from a New York attorney stating knowledge of following letter content.
Sessions wrote in his letter demanding immediate acceleration -- speeding up -- of my appeal and (5) other death row inmates' appeals. He was also behind in voter polls in those (5) areas of State too.
Mrs. Swiney, that letter instantly prejudiced the Appeal Court Clerks - Judges beyond repair. Here's a man running for United States Senator asking them to speed up -- rush through -- take out of normal rotation -- push through (6) special death sentence appeals.
He did this to influence voters. IT WAS A HIT LIST! A violation of our rights to a non-prejudiced appeal process! Clerks - Judges all dream of federal job appointments. They are lifetime jobs not elected -- federal job retirement plans -- man going to be Senator asks for their help. Who can honestly say for sure that Sessions' letter demanding speed up which could easily have caused an over-looking of reversible issues? Example: Issue about me being forced to act as my own attorney. This is by itself ground for new trial.
But after Sessions' letter, the Alabama Criminal Appeal Court Justice "Buckey" - yes, the fool actually calls himself "Buckey" McMillian in his opinion, pointed out since Arthur had been in court several times, he was more than qualified to act as his own attorney. NOTE: Using same format if one goes to hospital several times, one is qualified to act as doctor. My God, Mrs Swiney, this entire matter is reprehensible and is illegal and in fact, criminal! Jeff Sessions is guilty of attempted murder by using the power of the then attorney general's office and the possible election to senator's job as a tool to brow-beat clerks and judges to accelerate death penalty appeals to influence voters.
In areas of state, he was behind in the polls. Sessions' letter was a HIT LIST pure and simple. Kill them for the voters, period!
Mrs. Swiney, all this info alone should convince Professor Marshall to take my case. Please tell Professor Marshall that the truth - the lies - the covered-up evidence, by law enforcement, in my case will make Orlando Cruz case look like a nursery rhyme. The corruption in Colbert County, Alabama, will make Cook County, Chicago, look like Kindergarten, with respect to defense versus payoffs with dope, etc. [they need to look at Shelby and Baldwin Counties in Alabama too, where the hidden corruption is keeping Patrick Swiney wrongly imprisoned].
Professor Marshall needs to contact me by U.S. Mail ASAP.
Bye, Thank you always,
Tommy Arthur
P.S. Please consider putting this information into mainstream, rather than just the prison and inmate sections of media and/or websites. By putting in mainstream as new material. Also, please ask all who read this information copy it several times, hand out at Malls, put on Public Bulletin Boards, at Churches, and Work Places, Restaurants, Movies, and for all who see on Internet to contact all media sources they can, send faxes, e-mails and copies to ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, NETWORKS 20/20, 48 HOURS, 60 MINUTES, DATELINE, TED KOPPLE SHOWS, plus all major news paper editors in all major cities. Also, please forward this to Mr. Fred Kolkman in the Netherlands and ask him to put this on his website, requesting he give this extra effort for overseas papers and television. Perhaps he can contact Chancellor of Germany Office and ask them to send a film crew to do a documentary on my case.I'll shut up now. Thank you, Sherry Swiney, I sincerely appreciate your help.
[labama needs to be exposed. Too many people are being ram-rodded through court, maimed, murdered, and -- even worse -- ignored in "Alabama the Beautiful"]

The Forgotten People of Alabama

See the story on the website at
[Alabama needs to be exposed. Too many people are being ram-rodded through court, maimed, murdered, and -- even worse -- ignored in "Alabama the Beautiful"]
Respectfully Submitted by THE PATRICK CRUSADE
It is the inability to experience the suffering of another human being
as one's own, that allows gross suffering to continue on planet earth.

An article by Sherry Swiney, aka "Taoss"

An Observable Truth

We discuss the reasons governments oppress, and in this country, we see that American government is becoming more and more oppressive -- almost daily. Our leaders refuse to think that equal opportunity is a good thing -- not equality because equality means "sameness" and it would never work to have a nation or world full of automatons who are "equally the same" in all respects.

But equal "opportunity" is a must for any society because it would create avenues for everyone to decide what to do with their lives and how to do it. However, this equal opportunity needs to be voluntary, rather than forced by law or mandates, because it is impossible to mandate moral and spiritual issues. Thus, for government and government supporters to insist upon writing laws that force moral issues, merely portrays how primitive we -- as a society -- really are.

Now then, what we try hard to explain to our leaders is that giving everyone an equal opportunity for education, housing, and general sustenance -- such as food, shelter and clothing -- will in fact eliminate crime mostly because it will eliminate the anger of the "have nots" against the "haves," and it will allow room for each individual to grow to their fullest capabilities when they do not have to scratch for basic survival. Doesn't everyone have the right to have food, clothing, and shelter? I think so. After that, doesn't everyone have the right to have the "opportunity" for education so that he/she has even greater opportunity to rise above obscene poverty -- if the want to? And if they have these opportunities, would they continue their anger and crimes against others? I don't think so.But those who believe that equal opportunity takes away from their personal riches, fight these ideas strongly, and thus they portray just how primitive they are. And we, who do not stand up and try to explain these truths -- even though we understand that we might get hit over the head with a hammer -- display how primitive we are too by the mere fact that we display fear over what others may think or do when we tell the truth.

We allow the bully to win because we are afraid. And we are afraid because we have not yet recognized what magnificent and powerful creatures we really are - even the poorest of us has been given enormous powers, yet because of one's focus on being among the poorest, I think these realizations remain hidden from intellectual and spiritual view. It is even possible that this is all by design and -- if so -- boy are we ever a primitive people!However, in Truth, an evolved society would recognize that True Law is law in which people freely agree to be governed by natural law -- in other words -- they would freely agree to this because they are governed by it naturally and in accordance with what works, rather than being forced to abide by laws that do not work.

These natural laws do not have to be enforced in an evolved society because they are already enforced by the simple expedient of undeniable consequence. For example: highly evolved people do not hit themselves on the head with a hammer because it hurts. They also don't hit anyone else on the head with a hammer for the same reason. Evolved people have actually noticed that if you hit someone else with a hammer, that person gets hurt. And, if you keep doing it, that person gets angry. If you keep getting him angry, he finds a hammer of his own and eventually hits you back. Evolved people therefore know that if you hit someone else with a hammer, you are hitting yourself. It makes no difference if you have more hammers, or bigger hammers. Sooner or later, you're going to get hurt. I think today's society of primitive people see the same thing, they just don't care.

Maybe they think it's the only game in town, thus displaying once again just how primitive they are. You would think that in the thousands of years people have occupied this planet, they would have learned a little more than they have thus far. Still, the struggle between the "haves" and the "have nots" continues to rule, when it is not natural for this to occur in a society where humanitarian interests override economic interests. I think that as long as man's body, and not man's soul, is man's highest concern, society will remain primitive.

Obviously, the aforementioned is against natural law and therefore primitive government needs to write laws to prevent the Hammer Hurt game amongst the people, yet primitive government allows for itself to play this game with impunity. One must ask, however, how long this impunity will last? As people evolve and observe these truths, society will begin to take on a totally different shape that will benefit everyone -- including the most rich, the most poor, and even governments.

As a woman, I observe that this Hammer Hurt game is largely a male game among our species [yes, some women play this game too but in general I see this as mostly a male game]. I don't see this game as having anything to do with race, sexual preferences, or religious beliefs at all. I see it as culturally male, and I would rather play a new game. If I had a hammer, I'd hammer out justice, freedom and love between my brothers and sisters on earth. I would strive to wake male and female up to voluntarily choose soul over body, which would have the effect of enhancement rather than oppression -- and thus we would see the elimination of crime and the need for lawless laws that desperately attempt to force people to behave themselves in a responsible way toward their brothers and sisters on earth.

Oppression spawns anger, anger spawns crime, crime spawns lawless laws and all of these things profit the primitive who strive to explode their economic riches even further at the cost of the poor. To do this, there must be oppression which continues to promote the continuance of the cycle. IMO, this cycle needs to stop at some point if mankind expects to survive.God Help Us All.



People Aligned To Replace Injustice & Cruelty with Knowledge

What is needed is a growth in consciousness, not a growth of government.
"There is nothing more terrifying than ignorance in action." - Goethe

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