Monday, March 13, 2000

The United Nations Center for Human Rights
Palais des Nations
1211 Geneva 10 Switzerland 

Re:Patrick Swiney - No Justice in the United States
Reference Letter dated November 12, 1999 - request for relief
to UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention (UNWGAD)

Dear Sir/Madam:

Currently, I have a plea before this Honorable High Commission on Human Rights, first submitted to your Working Group in Germany, which was then transferred by UNWGAD to your Human Rights Center in Geneva, Switzerland.Please include this letter as a supplement to that plea (referenced above).

 In my plea dated November 12, 1999, I seek relief in the form of simply being allowed to leave this God-forsaken country (the United States) forever,I wish relief from political persecution by the rogue government of this country, as their entire U.S. Justice system is a sham.There is no justice in the United States of America.Justice in the United States is in appearance only, but in actuality, it is has become shapeless and without form.Please see for yourself.

 As states in my original plea, all court proceedings and other documents have been digitized and can be electronically transferred to any court in the world for a complete review.Let "anyone" clearly see that this system has "knowingly" wrongfully accused me of a criminal act - and wrongfully convicted me of said act, and wrongfully imprisoned me.The documented facts clearly show this is was due to political reasons - Politically Motivated Wrongful Conviction.

 Originally this country had an avenue for a judicial review of a wrongful conviction of a crime: the Great Writ of Habeas Corpus.Now this so-called justice system is designed to deny any Writ (review) under the guise of justice, using terms such as Precluded - Successive - Procedurally barred - Untimely - Out-of-time.Anything they can dream up to avoid facts and documented Truth.Completely outside our Supreme Law of the Land, the U.S. Constitution.Thus a rogue U.S. Government.

 Enclosed please find additional evidence to support these serious allegations .These documents are from the highest court in this land, the United States Supreme Court.

 The documents submitted herein are letters to me and my wife concerning my case.These documents clearly show the design of the current system they call Justice.I ask that you please note the dates.The Court gives 60 days to resubmit a petition (Court Order) and when one follows this Court Order and resubmits within these 60 days, they themselves say that it is untimely submitted - out-of-time.I reiterate.I followed the instructions of the U.S. Supreme Court precisely, and even then am denied anything that resembles a review of a wrongful conviction.

 Please note that, by law and in an effort to assure that justice is served every Citizen, every court is to afford a pro se litigant leeway with regard to timing and content of their petitions.I have written to the lower court (the 11th Circuit Court) requesting a copy of their "final" judgment in order to show the highest court in this land that they have erred in stating that my petition was due on or before September 8, 1999.It is a double-edged sword of injustice by both the lower court and the highest court, first that the lower court had not responded to my request for a copy of the final judgment and second that the highest court has not given me the leeway that is mandated for "any" pro se litigant.I am pro se because the lower courts denied my absolute right to appointed counsel.Therefore, I am on my own without representation.Even if the highest court were correct in their statement about September 8, 1999, they are to grant leeway to a pro se litigant in this regard - simply because a pro se litigant is not an attorney and is not trained in law proceedings.

 The United States has the most complex legal system in the entire world.Yet, they force a wrongfully convicted Citizen to represent himself in this complex labyrinth of proceedings, unless of course he is extremely wealthy - and of course the wealthy never see a prison in the U.S.Professor Hal Pepinsky states, "That in America, the rich get richer, the poor gets prison."There is no justice in America.

 It should be even more disturbing to this High Commission on Human Rights (The World Body) that when my Petition was returned to me by the U.S. Supreme Court, it was opened in my presence by prison officials (Lt. Joe Rangs).My Petition had been greatly vandalized.When submitted to the Highest Court, it had been neatly bound, with clear plastic covers - and a cover letter.When returned, the binding had been physically ripped out, the pages of my Petition ripped and torn, protective covers missing and pages missing, the remaining pages torn - a total destruction!Now, this was the condition as returned from the U.S. Supreme Court - the very highest court in this land.Does this not document and provide an absolute "fact" that there is no justice in the United States? 

I do not submit personal accusations to this World Body - the U.N. High Commission on Human Rights - I submit documented "facts."I further submit to this World Body, that due to exposing these atrocities of this rogue U.S. Government places my life in extreme and immediate danger for myself and my wife.Yes! the U.S. Government would surely make my death look like a natural event - i.e., heart attack, suicide, disease or an accident.But make no mistake about it, my life is surely in grave danger by this rogue U.S. Government.In this country, Truth is very deadly.

 Thus again I request permission to leave this God-forsaken country forever, for both myself as well as my wife.I no longer seek Justice in the United States - that no longer exists - I simply wish to leave this country forever, thus relief from political persecutions.

 I have been imprisoned for 12 long - hard - years in the absolute pits of hell - an Alabama prison.I seek relief from persecution.

 Respectfully Submitted,

Patrick Swiney

Supreme Court of the United States letter dated November 16, 1999
Supreme Court of the United States letter dated January 20, 2000 


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