Suspect the only camp where this program exists is Easterling, under the tyrannical control of Warden Gwendolyn Mosley. Unlike those who administer other programs she does not even attempt to make a pretense of following any sort of guidelines. She outlawed all forms of tobacco and set a cell (dorm) for her nonexistent program. There are no counselors, no classes, and not even any anti-tobacco posters to decorate the walls.

Despite that the 11th Circuit Federal Court has ruled that she must provide medication (e.g. Nicorette Gum, nicotine patches, etc.) to smoking inmates at state expense, all she provides is nicotine patches on the canteen for indigent inmates to purchase at $32.00 a pack - hardly a compliance move to the wishes of the court. Furthermore, her acceptance of federal money for this program and the subsequent outlawing of tobacco products have created a new underground economy at Easterling.

Officers (guards) bring in generic cigarettes and sell them to inmates for $15.00 a pack. In turn, inmates sell them for $65.00 a pack to other inmates, or they break them down and re-roll the tobacco into very tiny cigarettes for a bag of coffee (valued at $2.50) per cigarette. It is rumored that Warden Mosley is getting a "cut" of the $15.00 a pack price, and outward evidence supports this rumor. If an inmate is caught with tobacco, Mosley gets him indicted for promoting prison contraband (a Class C felony) and gets him a fresh 15-year sentence. On the other hand, if a supervisor catches a guard passing or selling tobacco and presses the issue, the extent of the "punishment" of the guard is to either ride the parameter truck or work the tower for 30 days. The dichotomy is incongruous.