28 May 2001

Hon. Jens Stoltenberg
Prime Minister of Norway
P.O. Box 8001 Dept (No) 0030

 RE: Relief from Persecution

Dear Mr. Soltenberg:

 I am a 56 year old man in an "Alabama" prison, serving a life without parole sentence on a wrongful conviction.I have served 13 years of absolute hell.Suffered three heart attacks plus other health problems due to the Inhumane Treatment.I seek relief from persecution - Political Persecution.

 I am a political prisoner.The fact is, political officials knowingly conspired to wrongfully convict me of a crime that was impossible for me to have committed.I do not offer mere words.All my records, trial transcripts, statements, forensic lab reports, letters "Everything" has been electronically digitized and put on compact disk (CD) for anyone in the world to view, examine, study.Documents cannot mislead, deceive or lie.Documents are Truth.

 I most respectfully request political asylum for both myself and my wife.My wife is a civil engineer and she is also being persecuted by this rogue U.S. Government.

 Sir, I realize that I would be considered a "Nobody" to the great country of Norway.But if Norway could find the courage to stand against such Human Rights Abuses of which we suffer, then other countries shall join in, such as Sweden, Denmark and Justice for All shall have its beginning.

 Sir, let the greatness of Norway lead the world.

 I respectfully request that, at the very least, assign some of your staff to investigate what I declare.We can furnish "Everything" to prove what I say is true.Should you choose to investigate, I shall furnish contact information below.

 You shall surely be in my thoughts and prayers, as well as all the people of Norway.Norway, shine your light on Hope. May God bless Norway. 

Most sincerely,

Patrick Swiney
154406 - d2
Holman 3700
Atmore, AL 36503 

Copies to: 

Hon. Thornbjon Jagland, Minister of Foreign Affairs 

Robert C. Long, Private Investigator
Mobile, AL 36603

 Sherry Swiney, Wife
Alabaster, AL 35007

 Alex & Birgitta Ewaldsson, Notarus Publicus
Norrkoping, SWEDEN