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Human Rights Groups Part Two

New Vision Organization (NVO) – October 22, 2004 – New Vision Organization is an organization, which was founded in 2004 by three professional individuals, two females and a male. All of whom devoted many years to helping families and/or individuals in the areas of Psychological, Medical, Vocational, Religious and/or Social adjustments and needs These founders, in addition, to the staff and volunteers, have overcome their own personal trials and tribulations and are now on a mission to bring hope and light to all individuals and families who are going through similar or greater painful ordeals.

NORML – a national nonprofit that helps find missing children and prevents children from going missing in the first place. We accomplish our goals by promoting public policies, educating the public and providing families, law enforcement and communities with the ongoing support and expertise needed to protect our children. We welcome you to our web site and thank you for your interest.

Not In Our Name – The Pledge of Resistance – NO War Without Limits; NO Detentions & Round–ups; NO Police State Restrictions.

November Coalition – We are a growing body of citizens whose lives have been gravely affected by our government's present drug policy. We are drug war prisoners, their loved ones and others who believe that our present course of war in America has a price that we cannot afford to pay. Our goal is to make our voice heard, expose the folly of America's War on Drugs, and demand change. We are encouraged by the scores of Federal Judges, physicians, law enforcement officers, lawyers, mayors, governors, educators and legislators who have become outspoken critics of our country's current policy.

ONE – November 9, 2005 – The campaign to make poverty history.ONE

Oregon Treesitters Support P.A.T.R.I.C.K. Crusade

Outside Looking In – December 31, 2004Friends Inside. Open the door to friendship with someone today!! A letter to someone who gets no mail can mean so much! To the world you might be one person, but to one person you might be the whole world.

Parolesource.com – November 16, 2004 – Providing non–attorney guidance for parole preparation and support for inmates and families needing to understand the Texas parole process. Helping to build parole plans for a successful board hearing. Providing community and family re–entry strategies. Thank for you time. Jim Heart Director of Support jhart@parolesource.com

Pendulum Foundation – May 15, 2005 – Pendulum Foundation is a juvenile justice advocacy organization which was established in 2001. In our advocacy position as Pendulum Juvenile Justice, a 501(c )4, our No. 1 priority is to pass legislation that will reform Colorado's current onerous sentencing structure for children serving adult time. In the 2005 legislative session, we are proud to be a part of HB–05–1109, which is sponsored by Representative Lynn Hefley (R–Colo.Spgs). HB–05–ll09 completely revamps juvenile sentencing.

People Against Prison Abuse (PAPA) – September 19, 2004 – PAPA is primarily concerned with one thing "AWARENESS"!. If we can create a greater "AWARENESS" among the general populace as to exactly what is occurring within the confines of our PRISON SYSTEM then Positive Reform will not have to be a "GOAL" but rather a "NATURAL CONSEQUENCE"

Portland Independent Media Center – Prisoner Advocacy Groups

Pretrial Services Resource Center (PSRC) – April 16, 2005 – Committed to improving justice at the Pretrial State since 1977. The mission of the Pretrial Services Resource Center is to improve the quality, fairness, and efficiency of the criminal justice system at the pretrial stage by promoting systemic strategies that improve court appearance rates, reduce recidivism, provide appropriate and effective services, and enhance community safety. Read More

Project for Older Prisoners (POPS) – The POPS project is part of a national effort to focus on a growing segment of the U.S. prison population, elderly prisoners. This project addresses the special problems of these prisoners, as well as the concerns that the 'graying' of America's prisons pose for the nation in the future, through legislative reform measures and advocating parole for qualified older prisoners.

Prison Activist: A great consortium and jumping–off place for prison reform. Welcome to the Prison Issues Desk, a project of the Prison Activist Resource Center (PARC). The Prison Issues Desk is the source for progressive and radical information on prisons and the criminal prosecution system. If you are looking for resources for educators and activists, including up–to–date news, alerts and analysis, this is a good place to start.

Prison Connections Information on how to locate a federal prisoner — and much more.

Prison Crafts April 16, 2005 – Prisoners can sell their items on the web site or on ebay. We have a seller who is insured and has been doing business on ebay for three years now with not one complaint. That's a hard record to make.

If you'd like to see some of his other items go to ebay and check for items under the name pokeypuerta as that is his selling name there. If you would like to ask him any questions about the art work, send an email to donald@prisonercrafts.com or pokeypuerta@aol.com

Donald will be selling prisoner arts and crafts on ebay where there are more than 52 million people who buy from there. We will list our pages of crafts below with links going to ebay where they will be sold to the highest bidder. Cindi Pere is our Arts and Crafts Director for this program. If you need more info that is not on the site, email Cindi at cindi@prisonercrafts.com As well some items will only be put on this site to sell. The JDC web site is www.jeffdicks.org

If you know prisoners who might want to have their items listed here, email us and let us have their names and mailing address. We will send out the information to them. We want to show the human face of people behind bars and sharing their talents by posting some of their fantastic talent here and on Ebay. Make no mistake about it, behind the walls are some of the most talented artists in the US. Or let them know about it and where to mail items to. CHECK BACK FOR AUCTIONS.


Prison Links Resources for Educators and Activists

Prison Links & Resource Site – Like Yahoo – All prisoner support related Online Groups are welcome to add their listing to the new category for Online Groups & Chat! If you have live chat meetings, please be sure and list the time and dates and any other information that you would like everyone to know.

Prison Links – Takes you to places like the below:


Private Prisons: Profits of Crime

Backfire: When Incarceration Increases Crime

Review (by Arnold Erickson) of Prison Writing in 20th Century America by H. Bruce Franklin

The American Prison in the Culture Wars – by H. Bruce Franklin

Prison Murder – May 26, 2004 – CRIMES OF AMERICA'S PRISON SYSTEMS. The crimes to Iraqi prisoners by American personnel is written about widely in the press. But what about exposing the crimes to American prisoners in American prisons by American personnel?

Prison News – The Jubilee Newspaper

Prison Potpourri – This site is dedicated to the cause of mercy. I belive that the death penalty is not acceptableto Jusus Christ — who preached mercy. I also do not believe in a life sentence without parole chances except in rare cases. I believe that anyone can change and should be given the chance to do so. With these points in mind, I have decided to build and maintain the website, Prison Potpourri. I hope it will be of interest to many. From Sweden...

Prison Professionals Speak out for Justice

Prison Reform Unity Project: Our Mission: To advance the cause of Human Rights for prisoners and their families.

Prison Society – Pennsylvania – May 27, 2004 – The Prison Society and outside organizations like it, provide more hope than any of uou can ever imagine," said Nicholas Yarris former Pennsylvania death row inmate at the 217th Annual Meeting of the Prison Society. Yarris and Alan Elsner, Reuters correspondent and author of Gates of Injustice: America's Prison Crisis, were the guest speakers at the Prison Society's 217th Annual Meeting held on May 5, 2004 at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Prison Talk Online – Here's a good site for all of those that like to get involved in discussions about prison related issues and those that just want to talk with someone who's been there and done it already:–)

Prison W.A.A.C.H. ( Women Abused As CHildren) – is a newsletter for women in prison who are survivors of childhood abuse and torture.

Prisoners Website – Pennsylvania – May 27, 2004 – prisoners.com is a nonprofit corporation of education, information and charity. Our mission is to benefit the 100,000+ state, local and federal prisoners in Pennsylvania, their families and loved ones. Further, we aim to assist prisoners everywhere.

Prison Zone A huge compendium of stories of prison art, activism, and abuse, featuring the award–winning photography of Chris Cozzone.

Prisoners of the War on Drugs–––The Wall! In America's far–reaching, ever escalating War on Drugs, many people do not realize that there are far–reaching, ever escalating social consequences. Of the over 1.7 million people incarcerated in America, 80% are imprisoned because of some involvement with drug law violations. The equation that follows is frightening – there are as many as 2.5 million "orphans" of the drug war. There are sane and humane solutions — a land such as ours must collectively define and apply them before another generation is laid to waste.

Prisoners with Children – Legal Services.

Progressive Secretary Organization Progressive Letter Writing Cooperative –– Progressive Secretary sends out progressive email letters to Congress, the President, and other officials on peace, ecology, civil rights and other issues. Would you like a cooperative way to get your voice heard in Washington? It's free!

Project Hope to Abolish the Death Penalty – This organization is a group of inmates, concerned citizens and supporters working together with family members, friends and other advocates nationally and internationally to abolish the death penalty worldwide. Project Hope to Abolish the Death Penalty is a non–profit, 501(C)(3) tax exempt, non–denominational religious organization and is not organized for the private gain of any one individual. All donations to this organization are tax deductible..

RealJustice "Conferencing" In Criminal Justice – Good resource information on Restorative Justice

Redress, Inc. – March 30, 2006 – "Redress To set right, remedy or rectify... to make a fair adjustment; to see that justice is done". Webster's New World Dictionary. Redress, Inc. is a forward thinking 501c3 nonprofit corporation formed to serve people traumatized by the American Justice System, and by corruption or incompetence by those in positions of authority. Our involvement includes: redress in our courtrooms (judges, lawyers and court personnel); law enforcement (at all levels); social help programs funded by state or federal monies; federal programs that involve our daily lives, and more.

Restorative Justice – Restoration Justice & Peacemaking Criminology. Restorative justice involves looking beyond retribution to find deeper solutions that heal broken relationships. The links below explain the theory and practice of this concept; they also can direct you to information on peacemaking and victim–offender mediation.

Restorative Justice – Making Restorative Justice Routine – Working Together for A Common Goal: The Need for a Restorative Justice Campaign, by Sir Charles Pollard

Restorative Justice Home Page A United Nations Working Party on Restorative Justice has adopted the following working definition: "Restorative justice is a process whereby all the parties with a stake in a particular offense come together to resolve collectively how to deal with the aftermath of the offense and its implications for the future."

Restorative Justice Sites

Restorative Justice Week –– CSC Chaplaincy Service

Roger's & Cheryl's Healing Foundation - Added May 2, 2008 - Need someone to talk to? Someone who understands? You've come to the right place. The Directors and volunteers at Roger & Cheryl's Healing Foundation are victims and offenders and are trained to listen and interact in a way that helps you get to the very root of your emotional concerns. "God grants us the beauty of this earth so love it enjoy it respect it and help keep it clean, In loving memory of Roger Keith Onstad Born: August 30, 1947 Died: July 6, 2002 Due to poor medical care while in Prison in South Dakota." - Cheryl L. Onstad.

The Rutherford Institute – Celebrating 20 Years in the Fight for Freedom

Safe Harbor Family Crisis Center, Ltd. has a mission to support, and respond to the needs of survivors of domestic violence and their dependents in an effort to avoid further abuse. In accordance with this Mission Statement, the goals of Safe Harbor Family Crisis Center, Ltd., are among other things, to provide advocacy for domestic violence survivors. Such advocacy shall include, but is not limited to emotional support, transportation to and from community resources and legal proceedings, and referrals for needs such as financial assistance, legal assistance, and medical or psychological services

Satisfying Justice –– CCJC

The Simultaneous Policy – Breaking down the barriers to solving world problems

Soldiers of the Cross The primary purpose of our site is to let you know about the 400,000+ Viet Nam veterans that are incarcerated. Click here to see what we are all about. We invite you to stay awhile and sign our guestbook before you leave.

Stop Prisoner Rape This site deals with the ongoing problem of rape of both male and female prisoners, by guards and other inmates. It also offers some useful advice on how prisoners may avoid or minimize their own risk. WARNING: This site contains sexually explicit descriptions of prisoner rape. Readers uncomfortable with such content may prefer not to follow this link.

Surviving the System...and learning to live again! We are the faces and voices of change!

Temple Dragon Times – December 9, 2004 – The terrorists won the election? Buzzkill, man. Major bring down. THIS BLOG IS DEDICATED TO NON–VIOLENCE, and in memory of Robert F. (Bobby) Kennedy.
Temple Dragon Times

Texas Cop Brutality – Stop it and Stop it Now!

Texas Innocence Network – University of Houston Law Center Innocence Network – Students try to prove the innocence of a man on death row. See the article of their efforts at http://abclocal.go.com/ktrk/news/092704_local_innocence.html

The Texas Prison Abuse Campaign – Beverly George, Founder of APPMI, Inc. (Advocacy & Protection for People with Mental Illness) began this project due to the high volume of letters from prisoners and their families regarding abuse and poor living conditions in Texas prisons. Realizing these issues were not being addressed in our legislation, she began working with other organizations and testifying to legislation in Austin.

Thundering Drums – American Indian Prisoners and Families Support Group

The Trumpet– Children of Louisiana Death Row Inmates – ANGELS OF MERCY are advocates for the forgotten victims of crime. These are the Children of Louisiana Death Row Inmates. They have committed no crimes yet they too are punished when we ignore their needs. MEMBERS NEEDED!!

Time for Justice This page is dedicated to allowing the world to see the injustices of those abused by the Criminal Justice System. On this page you will find cases of real people who are seeking justice. We hope as you read the issues presented here you will begin to awaken and join the fight for Justice of these and so many more within the Criminal Justice System. Come back to visit often as we update and bring new cases before you.

Torture and Rape Must Stop I realize I'm sending out stories that will get me on many people's s––t lists and off their email lists: I'm defending prisoners and gays and drug offenders and patients and human rights and the spirit of man and what's this world coming to...It doesn't matter what you think of me, only what you think of yourselves. For the American public is to blame for what the legislators and prison officials are hiding. You are to blame for the world our children will inherit.

Tripp Home Page:The Real Illumination on the Prison Population (TRIPP) is committed to exposing the disparity issues plaguing America's INjustice system and aggressively seeking elimination of a biased judicial system. ISAIAH 61:1 Cases of INjustice riddled with inadequate defense and Defendants coerced into accepting plea "bargains" by Offending Defenders or Public Pretenders who have "negotiated" a "deal" over dinner or on the golf course with their courthouse friends and partners in crime, the Persecutors. Pretending Defenders who create fear by using the last minute tactic of painting a picture of worst case scenarios and instilling hopelessness instead of confidence in their clients. Clients who lose all confidence in their Pretender's commitment to defend them. Innocent Minority Men and Women who do not know the law, who do not realize their options of dismissing inadequate Pretenders, who opt for a plea in order to salvage ANY part of their lives....all due not to good Client/Attorney relationships, but to Persecutor/Pretender relationships that place the Defendant in a hopeless, no win situation.

For more information about our cause, contact

Elayna Monts, Executive Director,
P.O. Box 150445,
Altamonte Springs, FL 32701

True Democracy – May 24, 2006 – Welcome to True Democracy, the Home of The Journal of History (La verdad sobre la democracia). "The Magazine that's on this Web site will, hopefully, continue forever because we can never again allow the elites to control anything." ~Arlene Johnson, a proud American who is trying to save her country and the world.

Truth in Action – Injustice News Daily updates & articles about the Criminal Justice System

Truth in Justice: Truth in Justice is a non–profit organization working to free wholly innocent men and women convicted of crimes they did not commit, and to prevent wrongful convictions by alerting the public to the vulnerabilities in the U. S. criminal justice system that make these miscarriages possible.

Tyranny Busters – The Mission of Tyranny Busters is to destroy Tyranny by shining the light of truth on the force, fraud and fear that is used to enslave the mind of man.

Unbroken Spirit Foundation For Women – January 2, 2005 – a new non profit organization dedicated to the support of battered and abused women and children, freedom for battered women in prison and prevention of violence against women and children.

Under Our Wings – Under Our Wings is a grass roots coalition dedicated to ending the prosecution and adjudication of children as adults and to eradicating the juvenile death penalty in the United States. The goal of the organization is to inform, empower, and inspire others to get involved in the effort to bring about these changes – always keeping in mind that the child offenders must be treated as the children that they are rather than as the adults that they are not.

We will use a global, national, and local approach to bringing American juvenile justice into line with the Convention of the Rights of the Child, and other international child rights standards. Community support, education, prevention, re–direction, diversion, and treatment will be the foundation of our policy goals – adhering to the wise old theory that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

Victim–Offender Reconciliation Program: The Victim Offender Reconciliation Program of the Central Valley, Inc., (VORP) is an alternative process made available to judges, police, and probation officers in dealing with criminal offenses. VORP can offer a very practical total or partial substitute for jail or prison incarceration. Meetings are arranged between offenders and their victims providing the opportunity for communication, responsibility, restitution, and reconciliation.

After a referral is received and screened at VORP, it is assigned to a trained community volunteer who does not represent a particular authority and therefore can be a third–party mediator. The volunteer separately contacts the offender and victim, explains the program, discusses the offense and its aftermath, and invites participation. If the victim and offender agree to meet each other, the volunteer sets and facilitates a meeting at which the facts of the case are discussed, restitution negotiated, and an agreement signed, stating the nature and amount of restitution agreed upon.

Voice for Change – Changing Hearts and Minds – Welcome to www.voice4change.org
This site is here for you learn about the wonderful work of many organizations who are working to make our world a better place. Please click the links to these hard working organizations that are doing critical work for our survival, and for justice.

Voice of the People ( "VOP") supports all rights and is an instrument for effecting the true representation of the people's will in Government, while increasing people's awareness about their United States Constitutional Rights, protections, and obligations. It is a grassroots, contribution–run, organization comprised of everyday "normal" citizens that is geared toward amplifying and making more effective the people's voice in politics. We want our government to do what it was created to do – serve the people, not special interest groups. Please show your support "We the People are the rightful masters of both Congress and the Courts – not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution."

Voices in the Wilderness – December 10, 2004 – Since its founding in 1996, Voices in the Wilderness has campaigned to end economic and military warfare against the Iraqi people. We have done this by organizing over seventy delegations to Iraq in deliberate violation of UN economic sanctions and US law. We have lived alongside ordinary Iraqis before and during the US invasion and throughout the current US occupation of Iraq. In defiance of the sanctions, we publicly delivered modest amounts of medical supplies to children and families in need; our primary focus has always been ordinary Iraqi civilians and the most vulnerable of Iraqi society, especially children. We have witnessed this ongoing warfare through the everyday lives of families we have come to know as friends.

VOMA (Victim Offender Mediation Association)

VORP Information & Resource Centre

Voters Corrections Reform Coalition – April 25, 2005 – VCRC's mission is to unite the Corrections reform community into their rightful political force, to reform Corrections to live up to its name and thereby improve public safety, to support politicians who support Corrections reform and remove those who do not.

We Believe Group – July 10, 2005 – We are a group of concerned citizens, supporting and helping ALL NON–VIOLENT 1ST TIME OFFENDERS in the prison system. Today, prisoners are serving harsh unjust sentences, in a system, that is failing not only them, but YOU also.

"Windspeaker" News re: Aboriginals

Without Prejudice – If you like this site and feel we could help someone you know post this pre written message to them.

Women Halting On–Line Abuse The mission of W.H.O.A. is to educate the Internet community about online harassment, empower victims of harassment, and formulate voluntary policies that systems can adopt in order to create harassment–free environments. W.H.O.A. fully supports the right to free speech both online and off, but asserts that free speech is not protected when it involves threats to the emotional or physical safety of anyone. W.H.O.A. is primarily an organization of women, but we welcome men who demonstrate sensitivity toward the issues of harassment and a willingness to support our cause.

Women's Prohibition Reform Group – WONPR – September 1, 2004 –This about protecting the children from the war on drugs. See the video in this link. It is MOST important for all adults, men and women, to unit as one for the children.

World Justice Information Center A Global Network on Crime and Justice.

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