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Alabama TRUTH IN SENTENCING March 1, 2003 - Here is another lively discussion that starts out on Alabama Truth in Sentencing and ends up with deep philosophical - eye-opening - things that will peak your imagination on a question that plagues us all: What is the answer to crime in America?
We hope you enjoy this discussion among Patrick Crusade Members. We hope you get something important out of it.
World Court for Crimes of War Opens in The Hague
Are We Soft on Crime? You Bet! Are we "Too Soft On Crime ?"" See Here! Read this insightful email discussion - You may be surprised at the answer!
Free Speech vs. Free Choice Do we have the right to demand removal of offensive Websites? A Tour of the U.S. Court System In order to 'work the system' you must know how the system works! I have noticed that many folks get lost in the workings of the court system here in the US and so I want to try to clarify things.