Patrick's life was intentionally shortened by deliberate forms of torture. Not only medical indifference (worse than mere neglect) but punishment that was severe and life threatening for simple things like writing an article about prison conditions in Alabama.

He was nearly killed several times but he always made it through with the help of the public who understood his case of actual innocence. This time he didn't make it.

Patrick was framed for murder, falsely imprisoned and then abused for more than 20 years for doing the right thing. Such things happen to other people on this planet. It happens a lot and it is done by governments.

Well, I don't have to worry about them doing retaliation to Patrick any more!!! They cannot hurt him any more and ergo, they cannot hurt me either.

Celebrate with me Patrick's new life in the Beyond, and know as he has always said, you can kill the messenger but you cannot kill the message. We love you Patrick for who you are and who you were while you lived on Earth. You shall not be forgotten for you alone helped more people and in more ways than you will ever know. Your contribution to this planet has been vast. Thank you so much dear one.