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Mission Statement

The PATRICK CRUSADE is a human rights organization dedicated to the protection of human rights for all people. We believe human rights should be real for everyone simply because they are human beings. The PATRICK CRUSADE consists of a group of people committed to making a peaceful change in the policies and procedures that direct the actions of those responsible for operating our courts and our State and Federal prison systems. Our efforts are directed at educating those who are unaware of the injustices and human rights abuses that occur in these systems everyday all across the country. The PATRICK CRUSADE is aware, from firsthand experience, of the extent and viciousness of these abuses.
Americans are a kind and generous people, dedicated to a sense of fair play for all. Our politicians are afraid to confront these abuses for fear of being labeled "soft on crime" by their political opponents at election time.
We want to make it easy for our elected and appointed public officials to do the "right thing" without fear of political demagoguery, or retribution.
Our court system repeatedly puts people in prison without due process. Many of these people are completely innocent. Many are given sentences that are too harsh for the crime they may have committed. Once in prison, these people are abused by prison officials in the most inhumane of ways. Our penal system is a direct reflection of who we are as a society. We believe prisoners are separated from society and put in prison as punishment. They are not in prison to be punished further through the kind of abuse that is all too common in many prisons today.
The mission of PATRICK CRUSADE is to correct the abuse that is endemic to our prison system. Many of the abuses that prisoners are forced to endure have been common knowledge to all for many years. Very few of these abuses are new, for things have changed very little in our prison system over the years. Prison authorities regularly abuse prisoners in the most inhumane ways. These officials know they will get away with this abuse because, other than family members, few care about the incarcerated once the prison gates swing shut. The fact that many hundreds of prisoners are released each year, because new evidence shows them to be innocent of the crimes for which they were convicted, should be enough to force an increased awareness of the deplorable conditions in our nation's prisons, but it is not. The problem is major. Prison abuse is compounded by the fact that people are not seeing justice within the court system. Too many innocent people are being taken from their families and anyone could be next!
For this reason, we support a judiciary independent of the political process, and a total reform of public defenders' offices, in order to put them on an equal footing, both financially and qualitatively, with district attorney's offices. We also support the concept of the fully informed jury, the final bastion of the peoples' power over corrupt and arrogant politicians.
The costs to families to obtain justice for these blatant errors in our systems are enormous and completely unnecessary. Families see their loved ones wrongly incarcerated, then they see the abuse and then they realize the public's apathy when they turn to Society for help.
They may even have been one of the apathetic ones themselves, until they learned firsthand what this is like. We want to change our society from one of indifference to one of sensitivity so that people who need help can receive help. Most abuses to prisoners center on their bodies. When we strip a person of all defenses, and put them in prison, we have an obligation to protect them from harm, such protection being impossible for the prisoners to provide for themselves. Instead of providing protection from harm, those on the prison staff intentionally inflict harm on many of their hapless charges. From failing to provide even basic medical care, to inflicting physical beatings that violate every human rights convention in the world, the prison staff, with the full knowledge of the warden, engages in a regular pattern of abuse. There are many jokes in society that are about prison abuse. It is indicative of the scope of the problem, that citizens consider the torture of a prisoner to be a source of amusement.
While PATRICK CRUSADE does not advocate throwing open the prison gates to release violent criminals, we are not in favor of the "lock 'em up and throw away the key" illness that is spreading across the United States of America because such an attitude promotes injustice. Thus, we do advocate a serious and radical change in the current system. We do not support the "punishment industry" because we recognize it as a business for profit, rather than a means to reduce crime. We are in favor of abolishing the death penalty and the entire prison system in favor of other -- provable -- methods for reducing crime. Those methods include education and rehabilitation. They also include reasonable restitution to the victims of crime, which includes the individual and the community.
While we advocate releasing even violent criminals, but *ONLY* after they have been honestly rehabilitated and judged IMPARTIALLY not to be a danger to society, we recognize there is probably a small percentage of people who will always remain dangerous to society - who may be *unable* to be rehabilitated. With a reduction in the prison population of 90 to 95%, those few individuals who remain can be housed in a humane environment allowing full contact with family and friends, enabling them to contribute in whatever way they can to a better understanding of the causes of crime.
Ultimately, the PATRICK CRUSADE looks forward to a day when the United States of America has no prisons.
It is our goal to make all abuses be known to Society so that there will be no further excuse for the cruelty that is done in its prisons. As a Society, our current attitude must cease. If your brother or sister were taken away from you, run through a court system that falsely charged her and sent her to prison where she was abused, would you continue to turn your back or place your head into the sand? If your answer is NO then you must take it a step further and see that each of us is your brother and sister, and act responsibly toward righting the wrong against humanity that is being done.
That is what The PATRICK CRUSADE intends to do. We will expose the injustices in our courtrooms and the abuses in our prisons to ensure that everyone receives their basic Human Rights. By spreading our knowledge to Society and to elected officials we intend to succeed. There are millions of us now who do care. We are organized and we are ready to act prudently and responsibly through our First Amendment Rights and our Voting Clout.
To the elected officials, we say: Ignore us and you are out of office. To Society, we say: Ignore us and one day you too may find yourself stripped of your dignity by a rogue system that has gone completely out of control. To all, we say: Listen to us with wisdom, do what is right and you will continue to enjoy that which you hold dearest to your heart, for your very freedom is at stake if you do not heed these signs of our times.

Contact your Patrick Crusade State Representative - PC reps make themselves available to answer your questions pertaining to the state prison or judicial system they are representing. Most PC Reps live in the state they represent but living in a particular state or countryis not a requirement.If you would like to become a PC Rep, please contact us. PC Rep's dutiesinclude:Providing information about the prisons, regarding contact info and visiting regulations. For those who are able, it may include - but not be limited to - attending a parole hearing. It would no doubtinclude promoting rallies and other prison or judicial reform events and being willing to speak with media should the occasion arise. When PC communicates with news media, prisoners, families and/or other organizations, we would like to tell them who to contact in their own states. Dead link notice: If, over time,you find a dead link on our PC State Representative list, please let us know. Contact us via our contact page.

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