Who is Patrick?
"I speak to you from the absolute pits of hell, an Alabama Prison. Historically, the State of Alabama has been notorious for its atrocities within its prisons.  My fellow Americans and human beings, nothing has changed.  I humbly convey to you an ancient scripture: "Let he who hath eyes - see and he who hath ears - hear."
~The Howling Poem~
Article by Patrick Swiney - June 11, 1998
Copyright June 1998
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RETALIATION IN PRISON - History of retaliation in prison for Patrick, for a crime he did not commit.

  The Case of Patrick Swiney


Patrick's case moves through the courts after finding "newly discovered" evidence of actual innocence.

Attorney General makes a promise - July 5, 2004


Letter to Alabama Prison Commissioner - March 2003


Patrick Moved to Donaldson - October 10, 2002

The plot thickens - June 23, 2002


The Case Of Patrick Swiney - June 2001

Patrick Moved to St. Clair - December 13, 2001

Patrick Moved to Kilby - November 30, 2001

What you can do to help - May 2001


Attention Attorneys, Researchers - December 9, 2001 - Writ of Habeas Corpus denied.  Right to court appointed counsel denied.  We've been pro se, unsuccessfully and we are in need of legal assistance and representation. 


Synopsis of Patrick Swiney's Case - May 2000

The DNA Evidence - May 2000

What Ballistic Experts Say - May 2000

The Fingerprint Reports - May 2000

Crime Scene Evidence - Here is a record of our attempts at obtaining the crime scene evidence from the State of Alabama.  We are being stonewalled.


Report on Gun Powder Residue by Dr. Boris deKorczak - Nov. 3, 1999

Alabama Allows Courts to Frame an Innocent Man - July 2, 1999


Motion to the Court [while in the hole June 28, 1998] [as of September 13, 2001 no response]  This supplement is being written from a punitive isolation cell at Holman Prison. Actually, a 5ft. x 8ft. concrete oven they call a cell. Isolation is because of a published article written by Petitioner (enclosed) to expose the human rights abuses and atrocities committed by prison officials with the blessings of the government of the State of Alabama, including but not limited to, the State Attorney General, as well as the sitting Governor, who openly stated to the public that the Bill of Rights does not apply to Alabama (ref: June 7, 1998, NYTimes, EDITORIAL OBSERVER, The Politics of Embarrassment in Alabama, By HOWELL RAINES). I find redress to any Gestapo rogue government and its agents complete a fruitless endeavor and ask this Honorable Court for relief from these many long years of political persecutions.

Affidavit/Declaration August 14, 1998 [as of September 13, 2001 no response] - "I think it is without question by all parties in these proceedings that the U.S. Constitution is the supreme law of this land and that this supreme law binds all these states together as one, as agreed upon by each and every individual state..." 


Patrick Swiney Case in 1997

Evaluation of Patrick Swiney's Case 1997


CUADP Prisoner Profile on Patrick Swiney - June 12, 1989 PATRICK SWINEY WAS convicted of capital murder [LWOP] in Shelby County, Alabama, on June 12, 1989, for the murder of his wife and her ex-husband while they were in the act of adultery. Patrick was unconscious during the shootings, citing a blow to the head with a baseball bat. Police refused physical examination to verify blow to the head. DA destroyed DNA evidence of adultery. Forensic reports indicate no gun power residue or blood on Patrick's skin or clothing. Alabama courts refused to examine the merits of this case.

Lack of Due Process of Law - Beck v. Alabama  Beck v. Alabama, 447 U.S. 625 (1980), when the trial court refused to instruct the jury on the lesser included offense of first-degree manslaughter.  URL Reference http://www.kscourts.org/ca10/cases/1999/12/98-6299.htm
--  In Patrick's case, there is one brief [as though passing] mention of "any other charge." This passing mention does not fit the criteria of Beck.  See excerpts attached which demonstrate Patrick's trial court's lack of due process of law.

About Patrick Swiney
Howling Poem

Favorite Poem

Offer from the Alabama Dept of Corrections - This offer may allow Patrick Swiney to seek Asylum in a foreign Country

Reality check

Rick Jackson Letter 1-20-99Final comment from Rick Jackson (former webmaster appointed by draft! :-) ):  Just the other day, I received a beautiful note from Patrick, and I know he wouldn't mind if I reproduce it here for all of you to see.  It shows you the heart of a man I'm proud to call "One Good Cop!"

Sign Patrick's Petition: For new investigation of the arrest, indictment, and trial of Patrick Swiney.  Petition going to the Alabama Governor!

Letter from Nancy Monzo January 2000

Letter from Odelle Swiney January 2000

Letter from Sabine January 2000

Letter from Bull Carter January 2000

Letter from Frank Standifer January 2000

Letter from Gale Ahren January 2000

Letter from Joe Hamby January 2000

Letter from Betty Dupre - January 2000

Letter from Dan Swiney - January 2000

Letter from Robbie Carter - January 2000

Articles By Patrick Swiney
Too Late To Debate???

Message to Europe

Winds Article on Concentration Camps in America: "Americans Surpass Nazis in National Fraud" - The Public Television documentary also revealed the horrors of human medical experimentation of new drugs and surgical procedures in Nazi prisons. This may well have been speaking of our own culture.

Letter to Judge Rochester May 1997 This letter was written before the forensic evidence of actual innocence was found [10 years after the trial was over].

Silence Screams for Justice - Dec. 28, 1998 - Letter to Don Siegleman immediately after he became Governor.  Patrick had high hopes about Governor Siegleman then.  Today [June 2001], we all know better... 

Mercedes Benz in Alabama June 1999

Patrick's Correspondence With Key Press July 1999

Letter to Assistant Attorney General USDOJ July 4, 1999 - No man is above the law.

Letter to Florida Justice Institute Aug. 1999

Report to United Nations High Commission for Human Rights - Oct. 24, 1999

No Justice in the US - UN High Commission for Human Rights - Mar. 13, 2000

Legal Docs confiscated - UN High Commission for Human Rights - Mar. 20, 2000

Governor rejects certified/registered envelope - March 20, 2000

Letter to Birmingham News - May 18, 2001

Letter to Judge William A. Shashy - 5/25/01 - Here is Patrick's letter to the 11th Circuit Court Judge regarding Alabama's prison overcrowding crisis.  It is written with such passion for Justice, it is a must read

Letter to Prime Minister of Norway - 5/28/01 - Here is Patrick's letter asking for political asylum.  Our requests for Justice and Freedom, anywhere in the world, have continued for the past 5 years.  Perhaps Norway will respond favorably.  At least Norway's eyes are more open than the U.S.  "The eyes of truth are always watching...."

Letter to Poland - June 17, 2001

Articles By Sherry Swiney
An Observable Truth

Letter to US News & World Report July 1998

Letter to District Attorney Oct. 1998

Understanding the Difficulty in Getting Fair Media Coverage - July 1998 - John Swinton, former Chief of Staff of the most powerful and prestigious newspaper on earth, The New York Times, when asked to give a toast to the "free press" at the New York Press Club stated: "We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes.

The Case of Patrick Swiney Mar. 1999

Don't Show Anger in the Courts June 1999

Report on Prison Abuse July 1999

Epilogue United Nations High Commission for Human Rights - Oct. 31, 1999

Letter to Attorneys for Petitioner-Appellant Dec. 29, 1999

Letter to Swedish Immigration Board - September 9, 2000

Report on Prison Abuse - Dec. 2000

FOIA Request May 19, 2000 - 18th Judicial Circuit (Shelby County, AL) - as of June 24, 2001 no response

FOIA Request September 24, 2000 - 18th Judicial Circuit (Shelby County, AL) - as of June 24, 2001 no response