Greetings from the Director 
P.A.T.R.I.C.K. Crusade

Hello everyone,

First I would like to thank you for making the Patrick Crusade one of the most popular sites on the internet. We have reached a mile stone in internet rankings, achieving status as one of the top one million sites on the web. 

This may not sound like much to the average visitor. But there are approximately 4,285,199,774 sites in Google's index alone. Achieving top 1 million is in deed a great feat for a organization such as ours.

Your Voices are being Heard!

Historical Totals 11/02-09/04

That lower horizontal line represents 100,000 accesses a month. As you can see September has already reached over 200,000, and I am publishing this on the 18th. If you're wondering why our counter on the main page doesn't show these numbers, it is for just that reason. It only counts the home page Visits. The Patrick Crusade contains over 3000 documents. A little over 100 megs, and we do not restrict visitors from going straight to the information they need. For example, someone searching for computer assisted rehabilitation programs could access that section, follow the links, get the information they need, and never see the home page at all. 

The Patrick Crusade website has been funded 100% by Sherry Swiney, Director of the Patrick Crusade from day one. As many of you know, we have also donated much time, effort, equipment, and funding to other organizations as well. We have never asked for financial assistance to keep the Patrick Crusade operating on the Internet since 1996, and it's been very expensive.

Next month the Patrick Crusade will begin hosting our sites with a new hosting firm. Affordable Networking Solutions, Inc. ( This will substantially reduce Internet operating costs for us. Affordable Networking Solutions, Inc. has remarkably low rates to non-profit organizations because they are prison reform activists at heart too. The owner of Affordable Networking Solutions, Inc. is James Byran. James is the webmaster for the Patrick Crusade on the present hosting company, and he will continue as webmaster when we make the transfer to the new hosting firm. 

As you will see, Affordable Networking Solutions, Inc. is offering rates such as $4.99 per month for hosting a website for non-profit organizations, instead of the standard $24.95 per month fee required by other hosting firms. 

If you host your site on one of the many free servers you have no doubt noticed the limitations those servers set. You are no doubt tired of being kicked-off your own website when the host doesn't like what you put up there, or when they receive complaints about your website. If you can afford a pack of cigarettes a day, a pack of chewing gum a day, or a glass of sweet tea a day, then you can afford to have a website that you own without fear of it being taken down without your permission. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this. You may contact James at or use the contact form located on his main site at:


Sherry Swiney (owner, Patrick Crusade)