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Many of you are familiar with Congressman Ron Paul of Texas.  He has been outspoken when no one else would speak to the issues of prison overpopulation, the war on drugs, liberty, human rights, and justice for all.  The Patriot movement and other grassroots organizations have come together to ask Ron Paul to run for President in 2004.  Please review the petition here

People v Williams - August 27, 2002 Does putting a sixteen-year-old in an adult prison for 50-years-to life under a new California law, "draw its meaning from the evolving standards of decency that mark the progress of a maturing society"? We don't think so and if you agree with us...Please Sign The Petition To Have People v Williams Fully Investigated

Roy Brown - New York - July 29, 2002 -  I am only asking for your signature on a petition that supports DNA testing being done for an innocent man. 11 years ago, my brother Roy Brown was put in prison for a murder he did not commit. in fact he had never even met the woman who was so brutally murdered. DNA testing of the physical evidence left behind by the real killer would prove that Roy is innocent. Unfortunately the DNA laws did not go into effect in New York until 30 months after Roy's trial. Roy had repeatedly asked the courts to allow this testing to be completed. The judge and DA say no. I believe they fear that the results would prove that they are both guilty of locking up an innocent man. I have also set up an online petition for those interested at:
If I can be of any assistance in either this case or one that you are fighting for please let me know. Feel free to forward this message to other individuals that you feel may be interested in helping.
Sincerely, Roy's sister, Billie Jo

Petition for Henry Dunn, Texas - Execution: May 14, 2002

Petition for Johnny Martinez, Texas - Execution: May 22, 2002

Petition for Bob Coulson, Texas - Execution: June 25, 2002

Petition for Calvin Burdine - ALIVE-action

Petition for inmates in San Quentin which are in hunger strike

Emergency Health Powers Act (MEHPA) - 12-29-01 Would you like the government to seize your property, or throw you in prison, because you didn't want a medical examination or a vaccine? It'll happen if you let it. See "Action Step" below to sign the petition that will prevent this bill from passing.

Voice your opinions & further your cause! - Create a Web Lobby
There are times in our lives when we are required to communicate our opinion/thoughts to create a just
and fair policy, law or society. would let us do just that!  PATIENT ALERT!!! ACTION NEEDED!!! New State "Emergency" Powers Threaten Civil Liberties Unelected Officials Can Force Vaccinations, Quarantines, Rationing & Property Seizures. Sign the Petition on this page to stop this bill from passing.  Founded in October, 2000 with generous support from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Public Health Practice Program Office, the Center for Law and the Public's Health is a primary resource on public health law, ethics, and policy for public health practitioners, lawyers, policy-makers, and others.  IN THE NEWS... DRAFT State and Local public health infrastructure inventory. Developed in response to Frist-Kennedy Public Health Threats and Emergencies legislation by CDC and national partners including ASTHO and NACCHO. These documents are provided for information and comment and not for data collection. Health Agency Locator (HAL) - State Public Health Locator  Register for Smallpox: What Every Clinician Should Know Click here for pdf version Click here for HTML version Click here for information from CDC on bioterrorism and emergency preparedness and response.

Help JD Scott - Death Row - Ohio

Petitioners to the International Court of Justice to declare the United States of America's (USA) entire judicial system a systemic violation of basic human rights standards for the judiciary.

Petition for Honorio Montanez - Alabama Thanks to everyone's efforts, Honorio Montanes is being released on Parole effective August 12, 20001.  We can now move his case to our "SUCCESSFUL CASES" page.

Tiananmen Mothers Campaign Ding Zilin, who lost her 17-year-old son in the 1989 massacre, pulled herself out of her despair by taking action to seek justice. For the last ten years, she has been at the forefront of a network of people who have worked to document the brutal crackdown in a systematic fashion by collecting the names of real victims and recording their individual stories. For this, she has been subjected to persistent persecution - she has endured interrogations, threats of violence, a period of detention and frequent house arrest, but she refuses to give up her fight.

Death Penalty Petitions

Signature and Affidavit Notice of Violation of Civil and Constitutional RIGHT'S..!!!
Mr. Jeffrey C. Doughtie (Texas Death Row Inmate) - SERIOUS EXECUTION DATE 16 AUGUST 2001

Stop The Death Penalty
To:  The Federal Government
Stop the death penalty that unjustly kills so many. The Rules and conditions are not logical. The Innocent can easily be executed and already have been. There is even a law that says that if evidence is found that proves someone is  innocent after the trial it will flat out be ignored. I say we stop the death Penalty as a whole.

Stop the Death Penalty
To:  Governor James Hunt
We the undersigned do hereby support the abolition of the death penalty in the state of North Carolina.
We feel that it unfairly targets the poor and minorities who cannot afford the legal representation needed to receive a fair trial. We feel it has been proved that it is not a deterrent to crime and therefore has no merit in its existence. We urge you to support other alternatives to this barbaric custom better suited to the dark ages than the twenty-first century.

Judge says Ohio man on death row innocent:
Judge Nathan Jones has heard all the evidence and says that John Byrd who is scheduled to be murdered by the State of Ohio in May is innocent. A growing number of conservatives such as  Wm F Buckley, Bill Mahr, Pat
Robertson, and GOP Governor Ryan of Illinois are working against capital punishment. It is the Cincinnati and Cleveland prosecutors and Ohio's attorney general who have been pushing for execution of Mr. Scott in April and Mr. Byrd in May. Ohio has not had a  nonvolunteer execution in over 30 years. The undersigned ask Governor Taft to grant clemency and the Ohio legislature to outlaw state murder. We also ask George Bush to
cancel the execution of Timothy McVeigh and the US to join those 106 nations which have outlawed this primitive practice. John 8: 7 Let him without sin cast the first stone. Exodus: Thou Shalt Not Kill. Father
Mother God we thank You that all forms of violence are being eliminated by You now and that You are removing all who kill from positions of power, while You transform them.,

Mercy for Jay Scott of Ohio
The undersigned request mercy for Jay Scott of Ohio and for all those on death row in execution states (TX OH VA NC GA DE CA IN MO) etc. We will boycott harming multinationals in every  execution state (l/3 of the US
states). Governor.Taft@das.state.oh.ushttp://www.wendys.comhttp://www.bp.com Wendy's and BP in Ohio, Clear Channel, Dean Foods, Supreme Beef, Shell Texaco and others in TX, Eli Lilly in Indiana, Smithfield, biggest pig abuser in the world in NC The death penalty is applied in a racist way. White serial killers Lieutenant Calley and Michael Swango, MD are free or in jail. NC and TX prosecutors justices and attorney general just attempted to kill a retarded man. In Virginia, Governor Gilmore wants to limit DNA innocence proving to 3 years application time. In Missouri, Governor Holden was too busy on the Cardinals to give mercy to Mose Young, whose racist jury, disbarred for incompentence counsel, 8th Circuit Court, and governor all conspired to murder him in the name of the people of Missouri. Jack Danforth of Purina nominated Clarance Thomas, Monsanto attorney, to the Supreme Court, where he has serially killed as have Scalia, Rehnquist, O'Connor and A Kennedy. Missouri is the only state perhaps in which 2 Dem senate candidates died in campaign plane crashes.

Stop Ohio's 1st execution since 60's
April 17: Jay Scott is the first nonvolunteer Ohioan scheduled for state murder since the 1960's Governor Robert Taft Riffe Center 77 South High Street Columbus, Ohio 43215 614-466-9555 fax  614-466-9354 Governor.Taft@d... We the undersigned will work and pray to prevent the 1st planned execution of a nonvolunteer Ohioan since the 1960's and to prevent any executions in Ohio and the world. Jay Scott is
scheduled for execution on April 17. John Byrd, deemed innocent by Judge Nathan Jones who reviewed the case, is scheduled to be murdered by the state in Sept. Governor.Taft@d... Governor Taft's
address and phone no. are at the website...  in the alert category Hippocratic Oath: First do no harm Exodus: Thou Shalt Not Kill (not asterisked with exceptions) Isaiah: I delight Not In Your Blood Sacrifices Jesus: in John 8: 7 stopped an execution in progress Bhagavad Gita: Nonviolence to all beings ahimsa sarva bhuta Buddhist scripture: (Pali stotras) may all that have life be delivered from suffering

Debra Jean Milke
We, the undersigned, hereby petition The Governor of the State of Arizona, Jane D. Hull, The Attorney General of the State of Arizona, Janet Napolitano and the many men and women with the power to stop the continuing injustice surrounding the wrongful conviction of Debra Jean Milke. With a lack of any evidence beyond a doubt and with violating her constitutional rights Debra Jean Milke has been wrongfully convicted with a sentence of death. She's incarcerated innocent for 12 years now. This staggering injustice must end NOW.