The Image of His Freedom

He wears an iron bra around his Main.
It protects his heart
For he is forced to see
Life in prison: his persecutor's aim.

From in this hell of empty eyes
His soul grows strong,
His mind opens, he does not weep.
Yea, he dreams of freedom
Before his final sleep.

I meditate and send him Love
To protect him from harm.
I see him wrapped in a cape
Of golden yellow rays.
And then, I see the iron bra
Begin to slip away.

It falls in slow motion,
It elongates in size
And lands at his ankles
About 2 feet high.
He jumps, he trips
But he does not fall,
And I was there to watch it all.

Sherry Swiney
Copyright © May 10, 2001 All Rights Reserved