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HOW TO INTERACT WITH LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS - January 01, 2007 - This booklet can save your life.

$1.3 MILLION TO SETTLE POLICE RAPE CASES - CALIFORNIA June 12, 2003 - "These are no-win situations," Councilman Jack Weiss said. "On the one hand, it's unfortunate that taxpayers have to see so much of their tax money going to these settlements. On the other hand, there has to be a just resolution when the facts are so egregious." 

A More Sensitive Approach to Policing the Mentally Ill - June 6, 2004 - Wearing headphones, Frederick city police officers listen to the sounds of schizophrenia, to understand why people who suffer from the illness sometimes respond badly to commands from police or ignore them entirely. 

Alabama Police Leave Force as Brutality Charges Hurled
February 8, 2002 Montgomery, Alabama - Times Headlines, Associated Press.  MONTGOMERY, Ala. -- Five Montgomery police officers have resigned and three have been put on unpaid leave following allegations of police brutality, officials said Thursday.

Cop Crimes  - The primary focus of CopCrimes is towards a small portion of the law enforcement community - those who choose to disregard the laws they are charged with enforcing.  This page is in no way meant to disrespect the hard-working, law abiding police officers who faithfully serve their community and do, everyday, the crucial public safety tasks essential to our daily lives.

Corruption trial begins for 11 Miami officers as city gets new police chief - January 6, 2003 - Jury selection began Monday in the federal trial of 11 Miami police officers accused of planting guns or otherwise trying to cover up five questionable shootings that left three black men dead.

Crooked cops terrorized drug dealers: police - January 28, 2005 - Four Chicago cops, including one who was already demoted to desk duty, used their badges and guns to shake down drug dealers for guns, cash and crack cocaine in a six-month South Side conspiracy, federal prosecutors alleged in a complaint filed Thursday. The four were caught by other Chicago police who were tracking a drug dealer as part of a standard narcotics investigation. 

BROOKLYN NEW YORK - March 24, 2005 -ACTIVISTS CLEARED OF CHARGES LEVELED BY “DIRTY 77TH”  NYPD OFCRS.  NYPD leveled charges at community organizers in attempt to cover up brutality; judge throws case out. Civil suit against NYPD will now proceed.

Ex-cop gets prison for selling guns to gangs - January 29, 2005 - A former State Police sergeant was sentenced Friday to 64 months in prison for selling guns to gang members out of his North Riverside home. 

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Handcuff.org - These pages present a guide to collecting handcuffs and related restraints. An emphasis is given to vintage American handcuffs, defined roughly as those made from the time of the American Civil war through the 1970s.

Justice Gone Amok - Article by Bob Herbert THE NY TIMES: 14 Feb 2000 - The police misconduct has resulted in the reversal of more than 30 criminal convictions. It is believed that hundreds of other cases have been tainted. The estimated potential loss from lawsuits against the department and the city has soared beyond $100 million.  There is an epidemic of police and prosecutorial misconduct and incompetence in this country. The scandals in Los Angeles and Illinois are festering sores, symptoms of a complex disease that both threatens and -- to the extent that we ignore it -- shames us all. 

JUDGE OVERTURNS VERDICT EXONERATING POLICE - Brooklyn - September 10, 2004 - A federal judge on Thursday overturned a jury's verdict that said police were justified in fatally shooting a Brooklyn man in 1999, and has ordered a new trial.

Lawyer sees cop-case work as way of changing system - October 4, 2004 - Denver, CO - Rastello soon found out that not only was the pickup driver an off-duty police officer but he had been drunk at the time of the accident. The city of Torrance and six police officers didn't budge. Rastello, only a third-year lawyer, was told to forget it, he'd never beat city hall.

PACO VILLA CCPOA BLOG - November 18, 2005 - This site is dedicated to Correctional Peace Officers and the California Correctional Peace Officers Association (CCPOA) in particular.  Paco Villa's CCPOA blog has been online since May 15, 2004 and has been a controversial sensation ever since.  Please check it out by selecting the above link, or the navigation button on the left side console.  As stated by one viewer, "This site was created by a correctional officer and is used by those employed as such, including the CCOPA's President (aka:CCOPA-Activist Forever) Mike Jeminez. You have to gain an access code before you can view the site, but the outflow of "true info" regarding these "pillars of society" employees is insightful.  These people have no respect for their administrators, supervisors, peers, least of all inmates! It's no wonder that the California Penal System's in such a state of disarray and despair."

POLICE BLASTED IN RAPE CASE - MICHIGAN - March 4, 2005 - Judge says Clinton Twp. officers' mistakes led to the conviction of an innocent man.  In a ruling one expert predicted portends a multimillion-dollar settlement, a federal judge sharply criticized Clinton Township police for a series of mistakes in a rape case that led to the conviction of an innocent man who served nine years in prison. 

POLICE BRUTALITY IN TEXAS - July 20, 2004 - Media... why are you fearful of telling about corruptofficials?

POLICE CRIME - June 21, 2004 - Corruption  and cover up in law enforcement.  Iraq pictures, prisoner torture and sex chat forum.  All the casinos and jobs. Now report police perjury,  report police misconduct on kupk. File a police complaint form, information links and police complaint.  Citizen police complaint a police complaint for. Citizen oversight, racial, police jobs.  A police misconduct, police abuse?  cop watch and copwatch. Bad cops and officers.

Police Complaint Center - Iis a national non-profit organization that provides assistance to victims of police misconduct. Using available technology, the Police Complaint Center documents and investigates incidents of police abuse. Our primary service is assisting victims of misconduct with the filing of complaints against law enforcement personnel.

Police,  Prosecutorial and Judicial  Misconduct - March 9, 2006 - We add links to updates with the original news articles reporting police and/or prosecutor misconduct, so be sure to scroll down to check for "new news".

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Texas Police Brutality - The following account is brutal and shocking.   It is not intended as a blanket condemnation of the entire police force, but rather as an expose on law enforcement practices in Royse City (in Rockwall County) Texas, as well as the true story of one family's terrifying plight.  MY STORY is an unbelievable one of Texas Police Brutality, corruption, nepotism, southern racism, and conspiracy...

United States Department of Justice - Search for documents matching the key word "Misconduct" - Found 349 matching documents.

WHO'S A RAT - March 15, 2005 - Who's A Rat is a database driven website designed to assist attorneys and criminal defendants with few resources. The purpose of this website is for individuals and attorneys to post, share and request any and all information that has been made public at some point to at least 1 person of the public prior to posting it on this site pertaining to local, state and federal Informants and Law Enforcement Officers.