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ALABAMA DISTRICT ATTORNEY OFFICES - March 26, 2005 - DA listing for the State of Alabama by district

CHICAGO TRIBUNE SERIES ON PROSECUTOR CHEATING - January 25, 2005 - The verdict: Dishonor.  With impunity, prosecutors across the country have violated their oaths and the law, committing the worst kinds of deception in the most serious of cases.  The Tribune found 381 people whose homicide convictions were thrown out because prosecutors withheld evidence favorable to the defendant or knowingly used false evidence. That total includes three cases where a conviction was reversed on some other basis, but the courts made an explicit ruling that barred prosecutors from retrying the defendant because prosecutors had concealed evidence or knowingly used false evidence at the first trial.

Tightening the Reins of Prosecutors - January 18, 2002
There are still people who do not understand the importance of eliminating the injustice system in this country.  Perhaps the following will shed some light to this.

Chicago Tribune -- Trial and Error 2001
A Tribune investigation found hundreds of homicide cases where prosecutors violated their oath by hiding evidence or twisting the truth. Innocent people went to prison, some to Death Row.

The Epidemic of Prosecutorial Misconduct
It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong! - Voltaire
What luck for rulers, that men do not think! - Adolph Hitler

Law Enforcement Abuse & Prosecutorial Misconduct
Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. We seek your assistance in helping us ensure justice and due process for those accused of crime by promoting the proper and fair administration of criminal justice. If you were involved in or have knowledge of a documented case of law enforcement or prosecutorial abuse, share it with us by sending us the court decision, appellate decision, or other documentation. We will share verifiable cases with others so that these are no longer hidden from the public but brought out into the light of day and exposed. Simply click on the button below to submit your story to NACDL.

Prosecutorial Misconduct Website - To Expose Prosecutorial Corruption and Related Loss of Constitutional Rights and Report on Relevant Cases Imposing Liability for Prosecutorial Misconduct
This Prosecutorial Misconduct Website is a distinct segment of the Lawmall website and deals mainly with illegal practices by federal and state prosecutors throughout the United States involving "Prosecutorial Misconduct" or "Prosecutorial Abuse", phrases which refer to practices which, if "reverse-prosecuted", may be sufficient to justify dismissal of a criminal indictment (if outcome determinative) or have sanctions of some type or civil-rights liability imposed against the prosecutor.

Prosecutorial Misconduct - Rampant Abuses of Power could spell the Death of the Bill of Rights.
Since the inception of the drug war police brutality and abuse is on the rise. Escalation of the debate over abuse of prosecutorial misconduct.

We the Sheeple - Cases By Catagory Prosecutorial Misconduct
Allowing informants to exercise effective unguided prosecutorial discretion: United States v. Taylor, 956 F. Supp. 622, 658-60 (D.S.C. 1997)(1).
Bombarding individual with undercover solicitations to commit a crime whose prosecution is characterized to targeted individual as constitutionally suspect: Jacobson v. United States, 503 U.S. 540 (1992)(2).
Badgering witnesses, themselves under indictment, while promising the indictments against them will be dismissed if they testify for the government: United States v. LaFunente, 54 F.3d 457, 461-62 (8th Cir. 1995)(1).
Threatening a witness with loss of immunity from prosecution if he testifies for the defense: United States v. Schlei, 122 F.3d 944 991-93 (11th Cir. 1997)(1).

Why Prosecutorial Misconduct and Abuses Are Taking Place So Brazenly
Prosecutorial misconduct and abuses are taking place in the United States with little fear by the prosecutors of being held accountable for their wrongdoing. The reasons for this are understandable, but take some explanation. Here is what seems to be happening:
The first thing to realize is that the tool of prosecutors is the grand jury, which operates in secret. Actually, as you may know, the grand jury doesn't operate much at all, and is usually no more than a room filled with dozing, disinterested persons (called grand jurors) who go in and out of their room almost at will, waiting for one or more prosecutors to "present" their cases to the grand jury for their rubber-stamp approval, called an "indictment".

Win at All Costs:  From the "On Line Gazette," an ongoing investigation into prosecutorial misconduct.   Hundreds of times during the past 10 years, federal agents and prosecutors have pursued justice by breaking the law.  They lied, hid evidence, distorted facts, engaged in cover-ups, paid for perjury and set up innocent people in a relentless effort to win indictments, guilty pleas and convictions, a two-year Post-Gazette investigation found.