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Free Computer Assisted Program
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High Volume, Measurable, Computer Assisted Substance Abuse/ Rehabilitation Programs Specific To Large Prison Populations.
by: Jerry Marzinsky BA M.Ed.

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Jerry Marzinsky BA M.Ed is a pioneer in developing a Computer-Assisted Rehabilitation Program that really works. 

  The purpose of this paper is to introduce the feasibility of utilizing inexpensive surplus computers to deliver inexpensive, comprehensive, fully measurable, large-scale, rehabilitation programs on a large scale to our massive prison populations. The adoption and development of this concept would pave the way for the provision of comprehensive, cost effective, objectively measurable programming to virtually every prisoner with a seventh grade reading level. Although these experimental prototypes have been thoroughly and successfully tested on the front lines within a variety of correctional settings, awareness of their existence and the feasibility of this concept has been limited.

  Years of research into the numerous reasons conventional programs failed when imported into prison environments and how to overcome these failures went into this concept which has more than proven itself on the front lines in a number of prisons. The feedback of hundreds of staff and inmates was taken into account in the design of this system. The finished product departed from conventional program approaches in many ways:  

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