Rehabilitation Programs

AEGIS Medical System, Inc. - March 12, 2005 - Video Library - "The largest, most advanced network of Narcotic Treatment Programs in California"

Computer-Assisted Rehabilitation Program: By Jerry Marzinsky BA M.Ed. - You have the option to download free written programs and/or the free computer software program. To go directly to download, Click here to bypass the complete research papers prepared by Jerry Marzinsky.

Correspondence Schools and Educational Resources

Educational Contacts for Prisoners

Enlightened Sentencing which is helping inmates and probationers rehabilitate, get off drugs, and release stress by learning to meditate

EYE OF RA, INC. - March 10, 2006 - Life skills training. The overall mission of the Eye of Ra, Inc. program is designed to empower at-risk youth through self-determination, self-awareness, love, and community productive training. To inform parents and youth of all communities how the effects of gang activity, excessive dropout rates, and incarceration are plaguing our neighborhoods. To promote self-efficiency through educational workshops, life-management training and positive reinforcement. Eye of Ra, Inc. was founded by Lorenzo Steele Jr. a former New York City Correction Officer in 2000, who felt that his experience as a New York City correction officer can be used as an educational tool to help at?risk youth. His deep passionate commitment and experience brings hope, education and self-determination to youth all around the world. Click below for more information.

Biography of founder and Mission Statement

Inmate Family Councils - California - April 9, 2003 - Here is a list of people who are members of various Inmate Family Councils in the state of California

Jesus IV Life, Inc. - February 24, 2005 - Our Mission: To turn many hearts from crime to Christ from peer pressure to having Power to deliver their peers from pressure and by the workings of Miracles bring healing to a generation who have been wounded through injustice " The Lord has anointed us to preach deliverance " to the captives. To be a bridge to unite Prisoners with their Families and to be a bridge to unite Children with their Fathers who are in prison.

Landmark Education Forum - For adults, juveniles and children. Independent Research, Case Studies, and Surveys. The facts speak for themselves. Landmark Education's programs have been the subjects of several independent research studies. See what they found. Standard educational methods enhance what you know and explore what you don't know. Landmark Education gives you access to what you don't even know that you don't know.

LINUX WORLD OPEN SOURCE SOLUTIONS - Ex-inmates apply open source to rehabilitation - Added Dec. 14, 2008 - Almost 70% of released inmates end up returning to prison. A new project uses gaming and cooperative development techniques to train ex-inmates for personal and family life. By Marco Fioretti,, 07/29/08

Nevada Recovery Guide - The problems that exist in our nation are not just about drug abuse and crime. They stem from lack of family unity, communication, forgiveness, and an understanding that we are all created equally, problems or not. The solutions begin in your very own homes and communities. If we learn to love and respect one another for who we are, then the rest will fall into place and the problems will begin to heal naturally.

Reentry Trends in the United States

Slaying the Dragon - April 22, 2005 - The Journey from the Dungeon to the Ivory Tower. Community Reentry. The Journey from the Dungeon to the Ivory Tower. The authoritative guide from prison to successful community reentry and a life of success. Written by an ex-offender who after his release on parole, pursued a career as a flight instructor and professional pilot, a corporate chief executive officer and president of the 68th fastest growing privately held company in America. Today the author is facilitating and personally funding a program to sponsor ex-offenders into their own entrepreneurial businesses. The book is characterized as an autobiography, but it is written as a road map for others to follow. This book is a must read for any individual who is or was incarcerated and their family, and individuals working in the rehabilitation and reentry arenas. Slaying the Dragon ? The Journey From the Dungeon to the Ivory Tower.

SOUTH BEND, INDIANA ? Added February 12, 2008 - A local Christian group wants to provide transitional housing for female inmates after they're released. The program is called Beauty for Ashes. To reach Rachele Benn, Beauty for Ashes Founder: (574) 536-7444. You can also write: The Potter's House of Deliverance, 120 Calendar St. B210, South Bend, IN 46614. For more information click here.

Studying Siddha Yoga - April 6, 2004 - Free for Prisoners. It takes 12 years to complete the course.

Surviving The System Surviving the System is a community of prisoners and their loved ones, as well as various activists, professionals, youth and recovering persons, who desire and see an absolute need for social change

TJWS Foundation, Inc. - June 25, 2006 - In brief, you should know the following about us: our company was established in 2004 and had been responsible for providing outstanding free services, small grants ever since. Our specialty is in the area giving back to the community.

Washington State Correctional Center For Women Prison Pet Partnership Program - The Prison Pet Partnership Program is a model for the nation in the area of the rehabilitation of female offenders within the criminal justice system in Washington State. It began in 1981 with an idea by Sister Pauline Quinn, where inmates would reach out to help others by training special dogs that would assist a disabled person.