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Ex-cons help ex-cons ease into life on outside
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From: Ed Hart - Alabama group <ehart.hart@mindspring.com>
Date: Monday, May 07, 2001 6:30 PM

Seems to me to be the soft underbelly of the prison system. Citizens on the outside, when they become aware that 600,000 current prisoners will be released this year, that at least half of them will reoffend, and that each of them may be expected to commit 4.8 felonies before they are returned to prison, will be, and should be, scared for their family members on the streets. When they learn that there's essentially no rehabilitation going on in prison, that where there is effective rehabilitation recidivism can be reduced to under 10 percent and, according to the NY State DOCS, rehab of each 30 prisoners to go through the program saves the taxpayers a million dollars, you'd think a significant percentage of them would be likely to join CURE in its efforts. Think how much more effective we could be, if we'd enlist all those paranoid folks out there in the free world in our cause. We can be their friends and benefactors, rather than the other side. Isn't it an approach that deserves consideration?