Rolando Blanco was released from prison on September 5, 2002.  He has passed on the word to PATRICK CRUSADE to say thank you to all the members. Everyone fought hard to help Rolando Blanco get out of prison.  He's the man who was imprisoned in Alabama, then transferred on an exchange program to Florida, then paroled in February 2002, then Alabama took MONTHS to get the paperwork done, so there he sat in prison - a paroled man.  Then because of another glitch, he was sent to a prison camp for immigrants when he's been here in the USA since he was 5 years old. Another crazy Alabama case to be sure.  Rolando and his co-defendant were set up by the CIA to take the fall for a CIA drug deal that went wrong.  We have the setup on tape, yet each of them spent 15 years in prison anyway, even though they were given a 5 year mandatory sentence. Thank you everyone for helping with this case.  Your letters and phone calls worked!!! Rolando is with his family now and will be putting the pieces of his life back together - no thanks to the court and prison system in Alabama the Beautiful.

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