Thursday, November 18, 1999

Shelly Crocker #152611
Mark H. Luttrell Correction Center
6000 State Rd.
Memphis, TN 38134

Dear Shelly,

I received your letter post marked June 21, 2001. Please excuse the delay in responding to you. Our fight for justice for the American prisoners is a tireless battle, which sometimes leaves little time to write, but I am quite sure you understand, so no need to explain further.

As I read your letter regarding the totally inadequate medical treatment you received, I was also thinking about what can be done to help you. I will send your letter on to a friend of mine -- a jailhouse prisoner who knows the legalese and case law that pertain to situations of medical abuse such as in your case. I will ask him to provide me with as much of a written Law Suit as I can, but you will have to finish it up yourself. In the meantime, please spend whatever time they will allow you in the prison law library. You need to familiarize yourself with reading cases - any cases. These cases will eventually send you to the case that is "case-in-point".

I quite understand the problem of not being able to locate an attorney who is willing to take your case. After all, to attorneys, "clients" are only good clients when they can pay. It's a crock, but that's reality.

I will also make the time to retype your letter and send it out across the Internet, asking PATRICK Crusade members to assist in any way they can. I'm enclosing our brochure to give you more of an idea of what we are all about. Please feel free to pass it around.

We need the prisoners inside to help us out because we cannot do this alone. Each of you could help by writing to your Senator once a month, telling them about the way things are in there [naming names]. If enough of you do this - every month - [remember "Shawshank Redemption" and how he wrote?] they will begin to listen. Expect no responses and see what arrives J .

Above all, keep the faith because things are beginning to change for the better. Perhaps it isn't noticeable where you are because Tennessee hasn't hit the news yet in a large way. But maybe PATRICK Crusade can help get that changed.

Sincerely and Many Blessings to you,

Sherry Swiney
Executive Director

<><><><><><>Shelly's Letter to PC<><><><><><><>

Shelly Crocker 152611
6000 State Road - MLCC
Memphis, TN 38134

Dear PATRICK Crusade

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to you in regards to my present situation in the hopes that you may be able to help me. I have exhausted all my resources to this point and desperately need some help. I have tried to contact several attorneys for advice and to date none have responded. I was given your address and told that you have been a great deal of help to other inmates.

I am presently incarcerated at Mark. H. Luttrell Correctional Facility in Memphis, Tn. On March 12, 2001 I was transported to the Tenn. Prison for Women in Nash., Tn., to be taken from there to Metro General Hospital, also in Nashville, for hernia incisional surgery,

On March 13, 2001 I was transported to Metro General Hospital for my surgery. Dr. Posse from DeBerry Special Needs Facility, Nashville, Tn., did the surgery. The nursing personnel there was totally lacking in professionalism, caring and compassion. I contribute this to the fact that I am an inmate.

I was on my menstrual cycle at the time of surgery. When I was put into my room after surgery I asked for help to go to the bathroom. Having just had surgery I was in severe pain and could barely move. When I stood up to go to the bathroom blood poured down the inside of both legs. The nurse handed me a rag with soap from the hand dispenser, a pitcher of water and told me to clean myself up, never once offering to help. I could barely walk, let alone bend over to wash.

When I would buzz for assistance it would take 30 minutes to an hour before a nurse would show up. On several occasions my IV fluid was empty for hours before being replace. On one occasion it infiltrated and my arm swelled to double size before being removed.

I was never assisted with a bath during my 3 days there and my bed was not changed until the morning that I left. At that time the same blankets were put back on the bed that had blood on them from me being on my cycle.

On March 16, 2001 I arrived at Tenn. Prison for Women and was placed in the infirmary. Dr. Posse had sent a prescription for Lortab 7, 2 every 6 hrs for pain. The nurses there refused to fill it, called Dr. Boatrite and asked him to change the prescription to Tylenol #3 to be given for 24 hrs then Motrin for 72 hrs.

On the 19th of March I had an appointment to go to Special Needs to see Dr. Posse to have my staples removed. I was not transported because TPW (Tenn, Prison for Women) stated that Mark Luttrell Correction center (MLCC) had not made transportation arrangements, so that appointment was missed.

On 3-26-01 I went to Special Needs Facility and saw Dr. Posse. He removed the staples and cut a 2" opening in the incision, stating that it was infected, and packed the opening with gauze. He ordered more pain medication and an antibiotic. The same medication I was given at the time of surgery. This time the staff at TPW filled the prescription and gave it to me.

On 4-2-01 I went back to Special Needs to see Dr. Posse. He again cut another place in the incision which he said was also infected. At this time I asked if I could be sent back to Memphis and released to their medical staff for further care. He agreed provided I return in three weeks for a check up. But before I could leave TPW I had to serve 10 days in segregation for a discipline I received while I was there. During the disciplinary hearing, the chairperson stated that I was not to go to segregation until I was no longer under a doctor's care. To this date I am still under a doctor's care. There was absolutely no sterile environment in segregation to take care of the open wounds. I received constant harassment from the staff the entire time of my stay there.

During my time at TPW I was supposed to have my bandages changed regularly and be supplied with things to treat the open wounds. I had to constantly request that this be done and it was always an argument or smart remark of just being completely denied even the simplest of requests such as a large Band-Aid to place on the open wounds. This constant negligence and poor care and treatment continued with the medical staff at TPW until I finally returned to MLCC on May 4, 2001.

Once I arrived in Memphis and was seen in the medical dept., they immediately began to clean and treat the incision for me. They took a culture of the affected area to find out what type of infection I had. I asked several times what the problem was and why I was not healing properly. They finally told me that I had a staff infection. I don't know where the staff germ was contracted. It could have been at the hospital or at TPW either one since the conditions of the entire ordeal were unsterile and unorthodox. I also requested that photographs be made of my incision to show its condition. This was done and what I received was paper computer copies.

To date I am still continuing to have health problems, although it is getting some better finally. I feel that a great injustice has been done to me throughout this entire process and I need someone who will show me how to deal with this situation. Someone who will represent my interest and help me to proceed with the correct process to make sure that justice is served in my case and also to make sure that no other inmate receives such treatment.

As an inmate we have very limited choices in medical treatment and had this not been a complete "have to" case I would not have elected to go ahead with the surgery. And being an inmate I did in fact receive inadequate treatment. I was not properly taken care of. If I had been things would not have progressed to the point that they did. Please advise me as to what my options are from this point on!

Shelly Croker