Crime & Voting Stats

Patrick Crusade Member Anne Rose Pierce supplied us with these interesting Statistics on crime and incarceration rates among Western Nations.  Also included are what voting rights are allowed to felons and ex-felons in the United States (you may be surprised to find that some states allow inmates to vote!), and finally, the comparative dangers of various drugs.  Click on thumbnail image below for full sized image.


Western Nations' Homicide Rates

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US Rate of Incarceration Compared to Other Western Nations

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Inmate Populations for US Jails and Prisons from 1980-1997

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Disenfranchisement of Convicted Felons in the United States

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Categories of Felons Disenfranchised Under Various State Laws

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Relative Dangerousness of Legal and Illegal Drugs

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Please don't forget to visit Anne Rose Pierce's site focusing primarily on problems with the Oregon Prison System.  The following synopsis is from Anne's home page:

An Oregon based prison reform organization dedicated to
humanizing corrections in memory of Gregory Lee Pierce

We are not asking you to ignore crime, or let criminals go unpunished, but we are advocating that corrections staff and society remember that inmates and their families are human beings. Cruelty, sarcasm and degradation are not effective deterrents to recidivism. We would like the State of Oregon to try some of the programs that are being adopted around the country, that are proving successful at reducing recidivism. Four such programs are described on my page, asy Prison Info. You can use the link below to go read about them.

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