Our Mission

The overall mission of the Eye of Ra, Inc. program is designed to empower at-risk youth through self-determination, self-awareness, love, and community productive training. To inform parents and youth of all communities how the effects of gang activity, excessive dropout rates, and incarceration are plaguing our neighborhoods. To promote self-efficiency through educational workshops, life-management training and positive reinforcement.

Our History

Eye of Ra, Inc. was founded by Lorenzo Steele Jr. a former New York City Correction Officer in 2000, who felt that his experience as a New York City correction officer can be used as an educational tool to help at?risk youth. His deep passionate commitment and experience brings hope, education and self-determination to youth all around the world.


Headquartered in Hempstead New York Eye of Ra, Inc. is a provider of comprehensive supplemental educational services that delivers after-school, summer tutoring programs, and in-school suspensions workshops to students attending public schools that have been identified as ?in need of improvement?. The Eye of Ra, Inc. program with the assistance from educators, community organizations, together has a collective responsibility to empower youth and help them to reach there full potential.

Biography of Lorenzo Steele Jr.

Lorenzo Steele Jr. is a former New York City Correction Officer who has worked with adolescents in the nation?s most violent prison Rikers Island.

After retiring Lorenzo Steele Jr. founded a program called Eye of Ra, Inc. where he conducts workshops and presentations about the traumatic effects and inhumane conditions that take place in prisons. These workshops are presented to elementary, middle, and high school students along with parents in the communities. Lorenzo Steele Jr. has been published in 3 urban magazines where he provided interviews in relation to the prison industrial complex and how it?s destroying our communities and families.

He has also created a documentary called "SCARFACE 4 LIFE" where he exposes the horrors and conditions prisoners are subjected to while in jail. The documentary has ex-inmates giving vital and helpful information to children who have no idea of what takes place in prison when they break the law.

Recently Lorenzo has appeared on WABCs ?LIKE IT IS? as a guest speaker talking about the life altering experiences inmates face while incarcerated at Rikers Island. His motivation comes from the lack of information that is not being presented to children and their communities, and from this lack of information children?s lives are being destroyed in prison along with their families. Lorenzo?s mission is to set up community awareness groups where prison information can be administered throughout the communities and issues can be addressed before we lose our most valuable entity, the next generation.

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