Below is an inmate penpal request I would be very grateful if you could add
this to your site in your penpal request pages.  There is a photo attached.

thank you so much,


My Name is Taurus Carroll.

I am on Alabama's death row. I was sentenced to death  as a juvenile and
have been locked up since I was 17,  I am now 24 years old.  I have not had
much luck finding people to correspond with. I have no family in my life
other than at a distance, and I am very lonely.

I'd love to hear from people 25 years of age to 100 years of age.   My
interests are sport, lifting weights, reading and listening to music.  I
also love looking at photographs.  These are the only way I can see the
world and probably the only way I ever will.

I'm tired of seeing the guards pass my cell with no mail.  I've looked under
my bed to make sure there is not dog chasing the mail man away.   Please
write I would love to hear from you.

Taurus J. Carroll  Z-629
Cell 10-U-6
Holman 3700,
Atmore, AL 36503