They Killed an Innocent Man
Poem by Kenny Richie February 19, 2002

Kenny called his wife last night and he also sent her this poem he wrote about John Byrd. Kenny wants this poem placed on his website and he doesn't want people to forget his friend. To the Byrd Family "Please accept my sincere condolences over John's murder. God bless you all"
Today they killed a friend of mine
for a crime he didn't do
John Byrd was an innocent man
and THAT they certainly knew!

The Ohio courts and Governor Taft
didn't give a bloody damn
They gleefully sent John to his death
and killed an innocent man.

Why did they ignore the facts
and send John to his death?
Why did they ignore the truth
and steal my friends last breath?

Where was this so called justice
that American's boastfully claim to possess?
Obviously it's just another fallacy
American hypocrisy at it's best!
Kenny Richey is the Innocent Scot on Ohio's Death Row.
"To be silent in the face of injustice is to be an accomplice to evil. I will not be silent."