Silent Screams for Justice


To: The People of Europe

From: Patrick Swiney, political prisoner, United State's of America

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Although my greeting originates from the darkest pits of hell - an Alabama prison - I am most honored to extend to all my sisters and brothers of Europe, my warmest of greetings.

I am a 54-year old man, in very poor health, serving a life without parole sentence on a wrongful conviction. Under this barbaric system of so-called Justice (the United State's of America), I have suffered three heart attacks, developed inflammatory spinal arthritis and emphysema. The prison conditions are so horrible in Alabama, it's an absolute miracle I'm still alive. Actually, I would welcome death with open arms to escape this Political Persecution.

I was a former police officer in this State and Nation for 13 years. My only professional sin was in being absolutely truthful and honest. I rocked the boat of some of the political forces of this state - had several assassination attempts (one almost successful) - yet was completely devoted to the concept of Truth, and Equal Justice for all. Now, I pay with my life, a slow and torturous death, at the hands of such evil and corrupt political forces of the State of Alabama government, and the United States of America.

In deep concern for my fellow Americans, I composed an article to warn the People of America of atrocities and consequences - the article entitled: "Too Late To Debate???"

This article was widely published in the United States, plus many other countries in Europe. Translated into 17 languages, and favorable responses from all around the world. All the newspapers in Alabama refused to print this article, but even at  hat, a copy made it to a Chief Justice of the United States District Court - Justice Butler.

As soon as this Chief U.S. District Judge read my article, he was so enraged that he immediately ordered the U.S. Marshal's office to have me locked up in solitary confinement - issued a "gag" order that no one was as much to speak to me. The Judge stated that I was a threat to the security of the United States Justice System AKA: a threat to the National Security of the United States of America, and that by my published article, was undermining the entire justice system of the United States.  And Europeans thought we had freedom of speech in the United States of America. You may think again.

The People of Europe also thought that the inscribed words over the United States Supreme Court: "Equal Justice Under the Law," was in fact representative of our system of justice in the U.S. Wrong!

The U.S. Federal Courts are so outraged at my exposing Truth. Another U.S. Chief Justice in Alabama has completely refused to allow me my Constitutional Rights of the Great Writ of Habeas Corpus (a legal method to expose these atrocities and prove my innocence. They flat refuse to hear any of the "Facts" of my case. They choose to continue to politically persecute. With this Gestapo Rule of Justice, when you read my words, I could easily be dead at the hands of these State Officials, or at the hands of the U.S. Federal Judges in Alabama. If that's what it takes to get my warning to the People of Europe, so be it!

Europe receives transmissions from the United States, both TV and The Voice of America.   Did you know???  That it was mandated by the United States Congress, that it would be a federal crime for any citizen of the U.S. to even listen/monitor The   Voice of America? I ask you, my friends of Europe - what does that mean?

The American television news networks beam their propaganda into your homes. Some truth, some half-truths - misinformation - deception - lies. It should be quite obvious that this government is mostly lies. Just look at our own President - Commander-in-Chief - a pitiful piece of lying shit - Period!

Again, I ask the people of Europe, if the very highest official in this land, the President of the United States, will raise his hand and swear before God to tell the truth, then lie-lie-lie, could one safely assert that all politicians under him would do the very same? Including even United States District Judges in Alabama?

Well, my friends, I submit to you that the United States of America is one huge gigantic lie. If you come here, you will receive the best justice money can buy - but run out of money,  and you become as I - a political prisoner. No crime necessary.   their motto is" "Lock them up and throw away the key." My brothers and sisters of Europe, this is a harsh but true account of America the Beautiful. Reality!

I do not fear this rogue - Gestapo government. They have done everything they can possibly do to me. I came to this hell hole of a prison a perfectly healthy man. I have little time left in this world. I do not fear these government Gestapo thugs. They fear me, for I am Truth - I am Light - look and you will see.

I am not the first to be persecuted by this oppressive government - nor will I be the last. The People of Europe need to awaken - and NOW! This is a most destructive cancer that shall surely spread. The Atlantic Ocean shall not save you. You must save yourselves. You "Must" save your children and your  grandchildren.

In the United States, I feel it's far too late without an armed revolution. It breaks my heart to admit this - but so True. America, as we know it, shall be no more.

My roots go back to Europe (Ireland). I'm most concerned for my brothers and sisters of Europe. You are only one generation removed from the atrocities of which I speak. Look up! Can you see the war planes? Can you not see the concentration camps in the United States? Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and others can. Even the Holy Father of Rome - the Pope - can see this. Yet even he is afraid to speak out. But the Holy Father has written to me, assuring me of his prayers. I am humbled by and grateful for the Holy Father's personal response to me.

And, yes, my strength comes from God. My physical strength is almost completely gone, but my spiritual rises above all. Thank you, Holy Father.

Storm clouds are forming. Trouble is surely on the horizon. Post your lookouts - be vigilant - but do not be deceived. For the storm surely comes. You may ask those at Ruby Ridge - or those at WACO, except that none survived - why? The storm was massive and most deadly.  Men-women-children;. All gone - burnt to a crisp - execution, U.S.A.

You may choose to listen to the sweetness of the government-controlled news network, CNN (Clinton's News Network) - or NBC, CBS - but you shall be deceived, and in doing so, prostitute your grandchildren's freedom. You will do as the Americans have done: sold your grandchildren into slavery for a few pieces of silver. So awaken Europe. I beg you, awaken to Truth. If you search for Truth - you will surely find it.

I had been brainwashed in the past to believe that of the "evil" Soviet Union, and the people within its borders. Deceptive Lies! All of those people are my sisters and brothers. We are as one nation (the World). We, the People, have no differences. It's the Evil Politicians' struggle for massive power that is the enemy of all the world. I would so love to walk the streets and countryside of all these European nations and meet the people. Unable to understand a word from their mouth - but understanding fully that which is within their hearts and souls. Looking them in the eyes and without saying a word, agree with them - Yes! We can all live in peace in this world as brothers and sisters. That we could assure one another freedom and justice for all - for this is the true definition of Peace and Love.

In closing, I shall say to you, if tomorrow fails me, I shall be waiting for each and every one of you, in a much better place, a much better world - a world where my Peaceful dreams shall reign.

I bid you, Go in peace. Go with God.

Patrick Swiney
154406 - D-2 Holman 3700
Atmore, AL 36503

This page was added on 2/6/1999 to mark the retaliation that will undoubtedly come to Patrick for speaking the truth.